Mayor: Rune (19) | Bottles: 100
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Beers At Kilpishalli

Sori Out of Office4.5%2/12/2019
Sori Garden Wit4.5%2/12/2019
Humalove Ruddy Hopshine4.4%2/12/2019
Humalove Helsinki Hopshine4.5%2/12/2019
Hartwall Aura Tumma5.2%2/12/2019
Sinebrychoff Karhu Speltti IPA5.3%2/12/2019
A. Le Coq Premium Export5.2%2/12/2019
Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout5%2/1/2019
Tornion Joulu Porter5.2%2/1/2019
Lapin Lapin Joulu 5.3%2/1/2019
Lapin Gielas5.2%2/1/2019
Vakka-Suomen Prykmestar Oktoberfestbier (5.5%)5.5%2/1/2019
Maku Joulu IPA5.5%2/1/2019
Olvi Jouluolut5%2/1/2019
Saimaa Cream of the Crop Turhapuuro5.5%1/28/2019
Saimaa Harry Porter5.5%1/3/2019
Mallaskosken Snow How Pale Ale5.2%1/3/2019
Saimaa Pirkka Parhaat Jouluolut4.9%12/28/2018
Stone (Berlin) White Ghost/Geist Berliner Weisse4.7%11/19/2018
DC Brau Brau Pils4.5%11/19/2018
Captain Lawrence Effortless Grapefruit Session IPA4.5%11/19/2018
Williams Brothers Seven Giraffes (Bottle)5.1%11/19/2018
Williams Brothers Joker IPA (Bottle, Keg & Can)5%11/19/2018
Olvi Kotikalja2.2%11/19/2018
Brew York / Bone Machine Raid On Sigtuna4.5%11/16/2018
Samba do Brasil5.2%11/15/2018
Hartwall Lahden Erikois Pale Ale5.4%11/15/2018
Little Valley Dark Vale4.5%11/15/2018
Pyynikin American IPA5.2%11/15/2018
Stallhagen Wild Flower5%11/15/2018
The Flying Dutchman Tree Hugging Wood Chopping Mother Nature Loving IPA6%11/14/2018
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour Ale5.8%11/14/2018
Sori Madonna of Sori5.3%11/14/2018
Shepherd Neame Double Stout (5.2% - Bottle)5.2%11/6/2018
Brew York Goose Willis5.3%10/28/2018
Tornion Arctic Stout (5.7%)5.7%10/28/2018
Lapin Hölmö5.4%10/28/2018
Tornion Lapland Red Ale5.2%10/28/2018
Vakka-Suomen Löyly olut4.5%10/27/2018
Pyynikin The Irish Duck5.5%9/25/2018
Malmgård Dry Hop Pilsner5.5%9/25/2018
Tornion Lapland Pilsner gluten free5.2%9/25/2018
Olvi Black IPA4.7%9/25/2018
Tornion Arctic Lager (5,5 %)5.5%9/23/2018
Lapin Hippu4.3%9/23/2018
Lapin Tähkä3.5%9/23/2018
Mallaskosken Vihta Lager3.8%9/22/2018
Hartwall Lahden Erikois IPA4.7%9/22/2018
Fiskarsin Kesäinen Kylä APA4.5%9/9/2018
Stadin Koivunmahla Lager4.5%9/9/2018
Vakka-Suomen Rapuolut4.5%9/9/2018
Tornion Arctic Pale Ale (5,5 %)5.5%9/9/2018
Lapin Saana5.5%9/9/2018
Belhaven Black Scottish Stout (Bottle/Can/Keg)4.2%8/24/2018
Tornion Arctic Vehnä5.5%8/18/2018
Oppigårds 15 years of Independence5.5%8/17/2018
Bryggeri Helsinki Kesäloma4.5%8/13/2018
Laitilan Mämmi Cream Stout5.5%8/8/2018
Lapin Loimu5.5%8/8/2018
Lapin Waskooli5%8/8/2018
Saimaa Brewer's Classic Sun Lager4.2%8/4/2018
Lapin Kulta Zero 0,0% Tumma0%8/4/2018
Tornion Panimo Vain 2 Kalaa4.7%7/26/2018
Hopping Brewsters Thunder Chief5.4%7/26/2018
Hopping Brewsters Warthog IPA5.5%7/26/2018
Sinebrychoff Karhu Ruis IPA5.3%7/21/2018
Hartwall Lahden Erikois Vehnä5%7/21/2018
Vakka-Suomen Prykmestar NokkosPils 5,2 %5.2%7/21/2018
Hartwall Lahden Erikois A5.3%7/21/2018
Hartwall Lahden Erikois Kesä4.5%7/21/2018
Olvi Summer Ale5%7/21/2018
Saimaan Marsalkka India Pale Lager4.6%7/17/2018
Saimaan Pilsner Luomu5.5%7/17/2018
Saimaa Pirkka Parhaat IPA5.5%7/17/2018
Saimaa Brewer's Classic Blonde Ale4.2%7/17/2018
Saimaa Brewer's Classic Weißbier4.2%7/17/2018
Saimaan Pirkka Parhaat Amber Ale4.7%6/16/2018
Tornion Original 1964 Lager5.2%6/16/2018
Olvi Xmas IPA4.7%6/16/2018
Hofbräu München Dunkel5.5%6/16/2018
Budweiser Budvar B:Dark Tmavý Ležák4.7%6/16/2018
König Ludwig Dunkel5.1%6/16/2018
Olvi American Brown Ale4.7%6/16/2018
Olvi American Cream Ale4.7%6/16/2018
Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout5%6/16/2018
Hopping Brewsters Twilight Tiffany (4.0%)4%6/6/2018
Mallaskosken Pitch Black4.7%6/6/2018
Mallaskosken Frost Bite4.6%6/6/2018
Pyynikin Tumma Juhla Olut4.3%3/18/2018
Pyynikin Vaalea Juhla Olut4.6%3/17/2018
Pyynikin Mosaic Lager4.7%2/28/2018
Hartwall Classic 1836 Wheat Ale5.3%2/28/2018
Hartwall Classic 1836 Pale Ale5.4%2/28/2018
Thatchers Old Rascal (4.5%)4.5%2/22/2018

  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD 8/10
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 10/20
djoeye  (435) Tromsø, Norway | September 2, 2018
The grocerer at Kilpishalli has had an eye for smaller breweries in Finland and other countries long before Kilpishalli became officially a member of K-markets. Hundred bottled beers. Norwegians also buy meat and sugar here.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 9/20
Rune  (1087) Tromsø, Norway | August 14, 2018
After Finland lifted the abv from 4.7 % to 5.5 % for buying alcohol in grocery stores like this, the selection of beers has increased, not only with new breweries on the shelves, but with breweries making new and stronger versions, like 5.2 % and 5.5 %, of their products. At the Kilpis store the regional beers, like Lapin and Tornion are in the front of the shelves with a good variety of their beers. The selection has expanded mostly with Finnish beers, but also from further afield. Good prices and polite service. The nearby restaurant has also got a few beers from Tornion and Lapin. Open on Sundays. (Visited with djoeye, Siri, Heli and Viktoria 12.08.2018).
  • AMBIANCE 1/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 9/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 11/20
Nordcore  (59) Lyngen alps, Norway | February 2, 2017
A small shoppigcentre with ok selection of beers( --4,7% alc), good compared to Norwegian standard. Here you find beers you don’t find in Norway, so ok for Beerhunting. has opened a store here, but the selection of beers are not so good, but there you will find higher alc. beers.
  • AMBIANCE 1/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 8/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 10/20
CH-303  (111) Fribourg, Switzerland | August 4, 2015
2010-04-08: Border-shop, with an alright beer selection. Better selection than most shops on the Norwegian side within at least 100 kilometers.

Update 2015-08-04:The selection now seems much better, with lots of different Finnish beers, some Czech ones as well. Much improved, I would say. Bumped up the score from 24 to 48.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 8/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 5/10
  • OVERALL 10/20
Finn  (452) Tromsø, Norway | July 16, 2008| Updated March 26, 2012
This is a shopping centre on the border between Finland and Norway. They have a surprisingly good selection of beer and cider. There is a restaurant upstairs but not recommended for beer hunting. Update 2011/2012: After restructuring the shop during the autum 2011 it’s become even better - also beerwise. Must be more than 100 on the shelves - and a lot of cider, too.

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