Gulating Ølutsalg Tromsø

Mayor: Rune (66) | Taps: 0 | Bottles: 500+
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Beers At Gulating Ølutsalg Tromsø

Jåttå Jåttåpils (4.7%)4.7%2/16/2019
Nøgne Ø Narrow Passage4.5%2/16/2019
Bygland Sveikadden (4.7%)4.7%2/16/2019
Graff Dead Kitty 4.7%2/12/2019
Grünerløkka Manuel Mexican Lager4.7%2/10/2019
Sleeping Village Lost Lines4.7%2/9/2019
Ego Hot Chocolate4.5%2/8/2019
Ego Summer Haze4.5%2/8/2019
Ølbæks Ale4.7%2/8/2019
Grünerløkka Wit Jul4.7%2/8/2019
Ægir For Så Wit4.7%2/8/2019
Grünerløkka Frogner IPA4.7%2/8/2019
Aja Lys Belgisk Jul4.7%2/8/2019
St. Hallvards Idioten - Stout4.7%2/8/2019
St. Hallvards Kongen4.7%2/8/2019
Althaia India Pale Ale4.7%2/8/2019
HaandBryggeriet Langlo2.7%2/8/2019
Wild Beer Bibble4.2%2/8/2019
Bådin Kjolesalongen4.5%2/8/2019
Dragur Hveiti4.7%2/8/2019
Althaia Vinter Ale (Gulating)4.7%2/8/2019
Dragur Inland4.7%2/8/2019
Ego Gullhår4.5%2/8/2019
Ego / Eik & Tid Ny Hornindal Pale Ale4.5%2/8/2019
Sleeping Village Astral Insight4.7%2/3/2019
Raa Human Series #1 - Juleøl4.7%2/1/2019
Raa Human Series #2 - Golden Raa4.7%2/1/2019
Raa Hoppy Series #1 - Fake Blond4.7%2/1/2019
Ringnes Lite Mørk Pilsner4.3%2/1/2019
Schouskjelleren Berliner Weisse #01 - Lime4.5%2/1/2019
Grünerløkka Parken Pale Ale4.7%2/1/2019
Norumbryggeriet Belgisk Ale4.7%2/1/2019
Norumbryggeriet Søgarn Porter (4.5%)4.5%2/1/2019
Norumbryggeriet Norgarn Pilsner4.7%2/1/2019
Kinn Adventspils4.5%2/1/2019
De Tvende Down The Chimney4.7%2/1/2019
Burning Sky Arise4.4%2/1/2019
Mikkeller Wood Will Fall Down4.2%2/1/2019
Brew By Numbers 20/07 Belgian Pale - Wai-Iti and Saaz4.5%2/1/2019
Ægir Gymre Pinnekjøtøl4.7%2/1/2019
7 Fjell Julegris4.7%2/1/2019
7 Fjell Klem En Tina4.7%2/1/2019
Polden Benoni's Julebrygg4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Extreme Lys Ale 4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Kråko Sommarpilsner4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Marmor Gyllen Pilsner 4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Stjernenatt4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Safir Julebrygg4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Kis Lys Ale 4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Granitt Mørk Lager 4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Krystall Glitrende Juleøl4.7%2/1/2019
En Liten Øl Fodno4.7%2/1/2019
HaandBryggeriet JulePipa4.5%2/1/2019
HaandBryggeriet JuleWit4.5%2/1/2019
Tya Juv4.7%2/1/2019
Tya Juling4.7%2/1/2019
Bombardier Glorious English (Can & Keg)4.3%2/1/2019
Austmann BIFF4.7%2/1/2019
Austmann Fadderøl4.7%2/1/2019
Austmann Hoppy Blonde Grapefruit Edition4.5%2/1/2019
Austmann Hoppy Blonde Pineapple Edition4.5%2/1/2019
Austmann Hoppy Lager4.5%2/1/2019
Norumbryggeriet Oberstens Jul4.7%2/1/2019
Mack Økologisk Pilsner4.5%1/30/2019
Lomb Vinternatt4.7%1/25/2019
Nøgne Ø The Buffer And The Cat4.5%1/23/2019
Geiranger Geitfonna Juleøl4.7%12/28/2018
Klokk Juleøl4.5%12/27/2018
Geiranger Sju Søstre (Motueka)4.7%12/14/2018
Mack Isbjørn Fatøl4.5%11/25/2018
Ægir Humleslang Tangerine4.7%11/20/2018
Disko POX No14.7%11/20/2018
Stone (Berlin) White Ghost/Geist Berliner Weisse4.7%11/19/2018
DC Brau Brau Pils4.5%11/19/2018
Captain Lawrence Effortless Grapefruit Session IPA4.5%11/19/2018
Dragur Bjorr4.7%11/17/2018
Skudenes Northwestern Capt. Sig's Pale Ale4.7%11/17/2018
7 Fjell Four Saisons 02 - Seasonal Saison - Passion Fruit + Apricot4.7%11/16/2018
7 Fjell Go’Stemning 04 - India Pale Ale - Idaho + Amarillo4.7%11/16/2018
Brew York / Bone Machine Raid On Sigtuna4.5%11/16/2018
Ballast Point Even Keel - Mango3.8%11/16/2018
Rena Baron4.7%11/14/2018
Reins Kloster Mr. Grapefrukticus Wheat4.7%11/13/2018
Reins Kloster Gone With the Lime4.7%11/13/2018
Reins Kloster Hold Brillan4.7%11/13/2018
Sori Hardly Working4.7%11/13/2018
Graff 9610 Session IPA4.7%11/10/2018
St. Hallvards En Bærliner Weisse4.5%11/2/2018
Pirate Life Throwback IPA3.5%11/2/2018
Six Degrees North Lindsaymans Caol Ila Chopper4.1%11/2/2018
Six Degrees North Lindsaymans Cherry Chopper4.1%11/2/2018
Six Degrees North Chopper (4.1%)4.1%11/2/2018
Voss Fellesbryggeri Campingøl4.7%11/2/2018
Kaapse Maria Vermont Pale Ale4.7%11/2/2018
Jåttå Studen4.7%11/2/2018
Jåttå Hanegal4.7%11/2/2018
Grünerløkka Pors Pale Ale4.7%11/2/2018
En Liten Øl Sunnhordland Premium Pilsner4.7%11/2/2018
BrewDog Clockwork Tangerine4.5%10/30/2018
Atna Øl Vinternatt4.7%10/28/2018

  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 15/20
Bryne  (1080) Bryne, Norway | September 3, 2017
Not that far from Tromsø city centre as Mathuset Eide Handel, but still about 4 km. Easy to reach by bus or by car. I found some more local beers: Graff Fader Clement, Graff/Gulating Tromsøpalmen and Bryggeri 13 Pasjonsfrukt. A typical Gulating bottle shop, as in other Norwegian cities. (Visited July 19th 2017)
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 10/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 14/20
gunnar  (948) Sandnes, Norway | June 25, 2017
Close to Vinmonopolet in Jekta shopping mall, almost next to the airport. Rather small shop, but filled with Norwegian micros, and extra good selection of local breweries as Bryggeri 13, Graff,Polden and some other breweries from the northern part of Norway. Very good service and knowledge at this shop. My first stop at Djoeye drives me around 2 islands and mainland 2017
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 10/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 14/20
Rune  (1086) Tromsø, Norway | November 15, 2016| Updated April 7, 2017
A welcome addition to the expanding beers scene in Tromsø. A couple of hundreds beers on cans and bottles from 4.7 % abv and below are stocked at any time. Good range of beers from regional microbreweries like Skavli Gårdsbryggeri, Lauvanger, Senja and Graff, among others. Graff Brygghus has made a special beer, Tromsøpalmen, for the bottle shop and occasionally Graff have growler fill sessions here. Super friendly service. It’s a medium sized, four sided room located to the very rear to the right from the main entrance at the shopping mall called Jekta. Vinmonopolet Langnes is its neighbour, very handy for shopping, indeed (Visited several times in October and November 2016).
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
djoeye  (435) Tromsø, Norway | October 6, 2016| Updated November 24, 2016
Location; Jekta Shopping Centre, nearby Vinmonopolet (with strong beers). Gulating; opened oct’16with more than 400 beers, soon expanded to more than 500! The best beer shop north of the arctic circle. In 2017 the shop will sell hops and malts and homebrew equipment as well.

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