The Bruery

Mayor: BuckeyeBoy (25) | Affiliated user(s) here PMR, eric_silva | Taps: 40 | Bottles: 15+
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Beers At The Bruery

Offshoot Better Late Than Never8.5%5/22/2017
Offshoot Fashionably Late6.5%5/22/2017
The Bruery / Dogfish Head Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder8.25%5/20/2017
The Bruery / Three Floyds Rue D’Floyd (2014)14.4%5/16/2017
Offshoot Powder Ranger10.07%5/16/2017
Offshoot Path of Yeast Resistance6.9%5/16/2017
The Bruery / Three Floyds Rue D’Floyd (2017)13.5%5/14/2017
The Bruery Jardinier XX6.9%5/11/2017
The Bruery Bake This: Key Lime Pie5.49%5/3/2017
The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday14%5/3/2017
The Bruery Dodie11.7%5/3/2017
The Bruery / Three Floyds Floyd D’Rue14.7%4/30/2017
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged 8 Maids-A-Milking13.7%4/29/2017
Bruery Terreux The Traveling Plum6.2%4/29/2017
The Bruery Mint Chip So Happens It’s Tuesday14.41%4/29/2017
The Bruery Hazulus5.19%4/29/2017
The Bruery Mischief (2017)8.5%4/29/2017
The Bruery Hoarder’s Cuvee 201618%4/29/2017
Bruery Terreux Rue Sans12.5%4/29/2017
Bruery Terreux Derde Golf12.3%4/29/2017
The Bruery 9 Ladies Dancing11.3%4/29/2017
The Bruery Fest Marzen6.43%4/29/2017
The Bruery Dry Hopped Pilsner5.58%4/29/2017
The Bruery Kellerpils5.51%4/29/2017
The Bruery Hefeweizen5.19%4/29/2017
The Bruery / Beachwood BBQ Mrs. Stoutfire9.5%4/28/2017
The Bruery Hoppy Obligations v15.6%4/28/2017
Bruery Terreux Beret with Peaches and Vanilla8.9%4/28/2017
Bruery Terreux Culture Club: Romance Revisited6.2%4/28/2017
Bruery Terreux Oude Frederick w/ Cherries6%4/28/2017
The Bruery Arbre Dark Wheatwine - Alligator Char10.8%4/28/2017
The Bruery Arbre Dark Wheatwine - Medium Toast10.8%4/28/2017
The Bruery Arbre Dark Wheatwine - Light Toast10.8%4/28/2017
The Bruery Sour in the Rye - Boysenberries7.6%4/28/2017
Bruery Terreux / J. Wakefield Taking My Talents To: Anaheim, California7.4%4/28/2017
The Bruery PB & Thursday19.8%4/28/2017
The Bruery / Funky Buddha ¡Guava Libre!7.5%4/28/2017
Offshoot Ruemor Mill7.12%4/28/2017
The Bruery Bottleworks XII8%4/26/2017
The Bruery Share This: O.C.11%4/16/2017
Offshoot Delayed Gratification6.82%4/12/2017
Offshoot Wave, the White Flag6.82%4/10/2017
Offshoot Cloudsourced8.33%4/10/2017
Offshoot Out of Context6.79%4/10/2017
Offshoot Perjury8.93%4/5/2017
The Bruery Purple Snow8.47%4/5/2017
Bruery Terreux Befuddlement9.9%4/5/2017
Bruery Terreux Culture Club 5.0: Biere de George6.4%4/5/2017
The Bruery Decommission4.2%3/24/2017
The Bruery Vindictive 201614.9%3/17/2017
The Bruery 7 Swans a Swimming11%3/16/2017
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged 7 Swans a Swimming14.5%3/16/2017
The Bruery Mash & French Toast13.4%3/16/2017
The Bruery Poterie16.8%3/8/2017
The Bruery Sourrento7.7%3/7/2017
The Bruery Father Filbert10%2/23/2017
Bruery Terreux Eep Opp Ork Ah-ah6.6%2/23/2017
The Bruery Ripple Effect7.9%2/23/2017
Bruery Terreux Spritz & Umlaut6.7%2/23/2017
The Bruery Chronology: 6 Old Ale16.5%2/21/2017
The Bruery Mash & Vanilla13.3%2/9/2017
The Bruery Marrón Acidifié 8.5%2/6/2017
The Bruery Melange #317.3%2/5/2017
The Bruery White Oak12%2/5/2017
The Bruery Saison des Fêtes9.91%2/5/2017
Call to Arms / The Bruery Deinde Repedo7.5%2/5/2017
The Bruery White Chocolate16.6%2/5/2017
The Bruery Mash & Grind12.5%2/5/2017
The Bruery Chronology: 6 Imperial Porter12.7%2/5/2017
The Bruery The Grade7.6%2/5/2017
The Bruery Loakal Red6.9%2/5/2017
Bruery Terreux Brett Sets Sail6.59%2/5/2017
The Bruery Melange #1413.4%2/5/2017
The Bruery Share This: Molé11.1%2/5/2017
The Bruery Rueminator10%2/5/2017
The Bruery Autumn Maple10%2/5/2017
The Bruery Trade Winds Tripel8%2/5/2017
The Bruery Cacaonut15.6%2/5/2017
The Bruery Freckle10.8%2/3/2017
Bruery Terreux Juggling Walruses10%1/29/2017
The Bruery Melange #1015%1/21/2017
The Bruery White Mocha16.3%1/21/2017
The Bruery Share This: Coffee11.9%1/19/2017
The Bruery Wineification III19%1/18/2017
The Bruery Smoking Wood - Rye Barrel13%1/15/2017
The Bruery Partridge in a Pear Tree11%1/11/2017
The Bruery Bois Fumé16.2%1/8/2017
The Bruery Chronology: 12 Wee Heavy14.1%1/7/2017
Bruery Terreux Frucht - Yumberry4.7%12/29/2016
The Bruery Melange #1514.8%12/28/2016
The Bruery Humulus Juicy5.46%12/28/2016
Bruery Terreux Wiki Wiki Tart7.1%12/28/2016
Bruery Terreux Humulus Rueuze (2015)6%12/28/2016
Bruery Terreux Filmishmish5.6%12/28/2016
Bruery Terreux Elements of Funk: Brettanomyces Claussenii6.5%12/28/2016
The Bruery Powder Room5.67%12/26/2016
The Bruery A Citra Enigma4.46%12/26/2016
The Bruery Mash & Coconut12.8%12/24/2016
The Bruery Elvis Black Tuesday20%12/24/2016
The Bruery Shake This - Mango Smoothie6.48%12/19/2016

  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 15/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
mikem409  (251) bloomfield, Michigan | March 14, 2013
Finally made it here. Massive selection with solid price. Very extensive sampler selection
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 15/20
mrhoppy  (226) Santa Clara, California | March 11, 2013
Cool place. They don’t have food so we brought pizza in from Pieology. It was decent. All the people around us consequently ordered pizza from them. They don’t deliver. Beers were great. the place is small but I heard them tell people to move to their old tasting room. If you are going to stop anywhere stop here.
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 15/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
DrDrinkAll420  (6) California | February 9, 2013
great atmosphere cool staff , and Great beer...need i say more?
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 16/20
JPDurden24  (172) Chandler, Arizona | January 29, 2013
Went to pick up some Reserve Society beer and had a flight of great beers while I was waiting. It is a clean and nice looking taproom. Great Place!
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 1/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 10/20
Pallieter85  (26) , Belgium | November 26, 2012
I was there a few times (late 2011), met great people every time, had some wonderful beers, and I was allowed (although I didn’t request it beforehand) to visit the brewery and take some pictures inside. These people really care about good beer and good service, absolutely love it. One remark though. They told me to stay tuned for the release of Black Tuesday so I was waiting for the online form to open and when it finally did, I made my order but it couldn’t be processed because my credit card is not an American one. When I told the staff about this afterwards, the only answer I got was "ouch, that sucks man".
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 18/20
scoots511  (3) Santa Cruz, California | October 24, 2012
They had a great hoppy beer taster and a really good sour beer taster. Visiting really sealed my positive opinion of the brewers here.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 11/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
Ober  (58) Bommelerwaard, Netherlands | August 28, 2012
We were there on the day of the opning of the new tasting room. There were a lot op people. We had to wait a while before we could go inside. It was a beautiful place and we taste several beers, in the short time we were inside. It was too bad that not everything was good organized, so that every one could go to he bar and order some beers.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 17/20
VsXsV  (86) Stockholm, Sweden | August 4, 2012
Visited with the bus tour on RBSG. Nice, fresh interior, good amounts of taps and lots of bottles. They treated us to a beer flight each and a taste of White Chocolate, really nice of them. Beers were great, as predicted.
  • AMBIANCE 5/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 9/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
nbutler11  (356) Cambridge, England | July 26, 2012
Visited during RBSG. Classy renovation. Great modern interior with tons of beers on tap and in the fridge. Love their "chalk" board and the tasting flights. Excellent service to boot!
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 16/20
GT  (672) Oceanside, California | July 24, 2012
Very clean, sleek, large open space. Lots of taps and bottles to have samplers of or take away with. The Bruery rolled out the red carpet for our crew, free tasters, sneak preview of White Chocolate, which was very good. Staff was very friendly and chatty. Could definitely see this place getting a little crowded and rowdy. Fully staffed and beer knowledgable staff. I didn’t see any food there...I think someone mistakenly entered a food rating. Well, there is no food menu despite what you read. Bottle list was much larger than 5.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 18/20
daknole  (464) Scottsdale, Arizona | July 24, 2012
Awesome new tasting room. Tons of taps, some nice bottles. Service was awesome.

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