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1/9/2018Half Acre Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Hugs Imperial Stout with Coffee
1/7/2018Half Acre, Chicago Sailors Kush
1/7/2018Half Acre, Chicago Indefinite Portal
1/7/2018Half Acre, Chicago Dopee
1/6/2018Half Acre Fluorescent
11/25/2017Half Acre Gentle Gentle
11/25/2017Half Acre Young Cobra
11/25/2017Half Acre Monkey Business
11/25/2017Half Acre Lead Feather
11/25/2017Half Acre Bodega Nights
11/25/2017Half Acre Weightless
11/25/2017Half Acre Aqua Fur
11/5/2017Half Acre Cape Dune
9/4/2017Half Acre Sunken Ship
7/5/2017Half Acre Pony Pilsner
6/23/2017Half Acre Glass Casket
6/23/2017Half Acre Navaja
6/23/2017Half Acre Tuna
6/23/2017Half Acre Space IPA
3/19/2017Great Lakes Turntable Pils
2/25/2017Half Acre GoneAway IPA
2/21/2017Half Acre Wicca
2/21/2017Half Acre / WiseAcre Domestic Buckets
1/17/2017Half Acre Animal Law
1/17/2017Half Acre Big Sting
1/17/2017Half Acre Fog Bowl
1/2/2017Half Acre Deep Space