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12/4/20162nd Shift Ratsalad
12/3/20162nd Shift Unicorn Killer Saison 2.0 (Black Label)
12/2/2016Ballast Point Mocha Marlin
12/1/2016Against the Grain / The Aviary / Fountainhead There Gose the Neighborhood
11/28/2016Against the Grain MacFannybaw
11/26/2016Prairie ’Merica
11/26/2016Amager / Grassroots Shadow Pictures - Skyggebilleder
11/25/2016Tin Man Csar Russian Imperial Stout
11/25/2016Arrogant Who You Callin’ Wussie
11/25/2016Avery Barrel-Aged Series 31 - Fiel Al Estilo
11/22/2016Victory Old Horizontal
11/20/2016Evil Twin The Perfect Matcha
11/19/2016Hoof Hearted Voltan
11/18/2016Hoof Hearted Wet When Slippery
11/18/2016Uinta Rise & Pine Hoppy Dark Ale
11/16/2016Unibroue Ŕ Tout Le Monde (Megadeth)
11/16/2016Jolly Pumpkin Citrus Sales Guy Gose
11/9/2016Sweetwater Squeeze Box
11/9/2016Stillwater / Hudson Valley Hopvine Bling
10/26/2016Jolly Pumpkin Midnight Dragon
10/26/2016Omnipollo Selassie
10/23/2016Blackberry Farm Buckwheat Strawberry
10/22/2016Omnipollo Mackaper
10/21/2016Braxton Blown Gasket
10/21/2016Urban Family Magnolia Redux
10/21/2016Three Floyds Floydivision 4
10/12/2016Stillwater / Cigar City 21st Century Means
10/10/2016Lagunitas Tuberfest
10/10/2016Off Color Sparkles Finds (Some) Trouble
10/5/2016The Bruery Mash & Vanilla
10/4/2016Prairie 4th Anniversary
10/4/2016Evil Twin Aún Más a Jesús
9/28/2016Crooked Stave Batch #200
9/22/2016Jolly Pumpkin La Vida Improvisacion
9/22/2016Alpine Beer Company Willy Vanilly
9/21/2016Bell’s Bear Hug
9/20/2016Crooked Stave Petite Sour (Rosé)
9/18/2016Crooked Stave Petite Sour (Blueberry)
9/17/2016Blackberry Farm / Fullsteam Daily Miel
9/16/2016Blackberry Farm Brett Saison
9/16/2016Grimm Rainbow Dome
9/16/2016Bornem Dubbel
9/16/2016Amager Hr. Frederiksen Barrel Blend
9/9/2016Gueuze Tilquin - Draft Version (Special Blend) 6.5%
9/9/2016Troubadour Magma Special Edition 2015 Triple Spiked Brett
9/7/2016Jolly Pumpkin / Monkish Cucurbitophobia
9/7/2016Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA
9/6/2016Alvinne Phi
9/6/2016Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge
9/3/2016Avery Chai High
9/1/2016Braxton Beta 1.0
9/1/2016Braxton Union Saison Rouge
9/1/2016Braxton Summertrip
9/1/2016Braxton Oktober Fuel
8/29/2016Rhinegeist Baguette
8/25/2016Stone Bitter Chocolate Oakmeal
8/24/2016Stone 20th Anniversary Citracado IPA
8/24/2016Stillwater I Miss The Old Kanye
8/24/2016Prairie Ace
8/22/2016Holy Mountain The Goat
8/16/2016Arrogant Bastard Ale
8/13/2016Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake
8/11/2016Crooked Stave Surette Provision Saison
8/7/2016Tin Man Positronic
8/6/2016Unibroue Trois Pistoles
8/5/2016Stone Enjoy After Brett IPA
8/5/2016Lagunitas 12th of Never
8/5/2016Tin Man Weld Strawberry Sour Ale
8/5/2016Dogfish Head Alternate Takes #2
8/2/2016Tin Man Circuit Bohemian Pilsner
8/2/2016Uinta Flamingose Pineapple Gose
8/1/2016Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale
7/29/2016Crooked Stave Hop Savant
7/29/2016Blackberry Farm Blackberry Rye
7/28/2016Bell’s Double Two Hearted
7/28/2016Bell’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Expedition Stout
7/28/2016North Coast Scrimshaw
7/28/2016Rodenbach Grand Cru
7/27/2016Oude Quetsche Tilquin ŕ l’Ancienne
7/20/2016Lagunitas Stoopid Wit
7/20/2016Slaapmutske Tripel (Triple Nightcap)
7/20/2016De la Senne Wadesda #5
7/20/2016Highland Mosaic Rye IPL
7/20/2016Mikkeller SpontanCherryFrederiksdal
7/16/2016Blackberry Farm Blonde
7/15/2016Deschutes Black Butte XXVIII
7/11/2016Birrificio del Ducato Chrysopolis
7/11/2016Omnipollo Aurora
7/11/2016Rhinegeist Flamingo
7/9/2016Victory Tart Ten
7/8/2016Crooked Stave Vieille Artisanal
7/8/2016Stone XS IPA
7/8/2016Prairie Paradise
7/7/2016Alvinne Omega
7/4/2016Victory Blackboard Series #3 Berliner Weisse with Elderflower
7/3/2016Evil Twin Food & Beer
7/3/2016Sweetwater Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
7/3/2016Grimm Super Spruce
7/1/2016Grimm Vacay
6/30/2016Gigantic / Against the Grain Finga Lickin’ Good
6/28/2016Prairie Americana
6/28/2016Stone Citrusy Wit
6/27/2016Struise Blue Monk Special Reserve (Barrel Strength)
6/27/2016Stone Winter Harvest
6/24/2016Off Color Dino’smores (Coffee)
6/21/2016Grimm Double Negative - Maple Bourbon Barrel
6/20/2016Grimm Future Perfect
6/17/2016Avery Barrel-Aged Series 36 - Callipygian
6/17/2016Urban Family Lady of the Night
6/17/2016Struise Black Damnation XII - Nuptiale A2
6/17/2016Uinta Cucumber Farmhouse
6/17/2016Uinta Crooked Line Birthday Suit: 23rd Anniversary
6/13/2016Rhinegeist Summer
6/13/2016The Bruery Jardinier
6/9/2016Bruery Terreux Frucht - Passion Fruit
6/8/2016Rhinegeist Sexy Panther
6/3/2016Stone Mocha IPA
6/3/2016Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Blackbeard’s Breakfast
6/3/2016Evil Twin Imperial Simcoe Slacker
6/3/2016Green Flash Sea to Sea Lager
6/3/2016Stillwater Nu-Tropic
5/24/2016Crooked Stave Raspberry Origins
5/20/2016MadTree Peach Levanto Blend 2
5/19/2016Bell’s Traverse City Whiskey Coffee Consecrator Doppelbock
5/19/2016Bell’s The Wild One - Raspberry
5/19/2016Green Flash Barleywine
5/19/2016Highland Early’s Hoppy Wheat
5/17/2016Founders PC Pils
5/8/2016Oskar Blues Beerito
5/7/2016Prairie Vous Francais
5/2/2016Avery Perzik Saison
5/1/2016Uinta Hop Nosh IPA - Tangerine
5/1/2016Sweetwater Goin’ Coastal
4/30/2016Prairie Phantasmagoria
4/29/2016Avery Anniversary Twenty Three
4/29/2016Wild Beer Summer Blend 2015
4/22/2016Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett (Raspberry)
4/21/2016Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown
4/17/2016Dieu du Ciel Grande Noirceur
4/17/2016Crooked Stave Serenata Notturna
4/16/2016DuClaw Funk (2013 - )
4/15/2016Avery Barrel-Aged Series 34 - Old Perseverance
4/15/2016Great Lakes Rise n’ Hop
4/9/2016Moerlein Plum Street Wheat
4/5/2016Omnipollo Aniara
4/5/2016Lagunitas The Waldos’ Special Ale
4/5/2016Ommegang Game of Thrones #6 - Seven Kingdoms
4/5/2016Wild Beer Brettbrett (2015)
4/5/2016Goose Island The Illinois
4/2/2016Blackberry Farm Spring Saison
3/25/2016Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake
3/25/2016Moerlein Twelve/163
3/21/2016Prairie / TRVE Prairie & Friends TRVE Edition Sour Red Farmhouse Ale
3/18/2016West Sixth Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale
3/17/2016Omnipollo Bianca Mango Lassi Gose
3/16/2016Moody Tongue Applewood Gold
3/15/2016Moody Tongue Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Barleywine
3/12/2016Jolly Pumpkin / Mikkeller Sea Buckthorn Fandango
3/10/2016Blackberry Farm Noble Cuvee Dry Hop Saison (2015)
3/7/2016DuClaw Quick Start My Heart
3/6/2016New Belgium Side Trip Belgian Style Pale Ale
3/4/2016Jolly Pumpkin / Evil Twin / Leelanau Innovator Man
3/4/2016Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA - Watermelon
3/4/2016Sweetwater Hash Session IPA
3/4/2016New Belgium / Oud Beersel Lips of Faith - Transatlantique Kriek 2015
3/4/2016Rhinegeist Spud
3/3/2016Schlafly Farmhouse IPA
3/2/2016Uinta Ready Set Gose
3/2/2016Three Floyds Hopped In Half
3/1/2016Evil Twin Modern IPA
3/1/2016Evil Twin Retro IPA
2/27/2016Stillwater Gose Gone Wild
2/25/2016Schlafly Saison (2016 Special Release)
2/25/2016Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry
2/24/2016Uinta Crooked Line Stompin’ Grounds Coffee Stout
2/24/2016Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Heavy
2/24/2016Amager / Cigar City Orange Crush
2/23/2016Highland Saw-Whet Saison
2/20/2016Prairie Funky Gold Simcoe
2/20/2016Schlafly Double Bean Blonde
2/20/2016Ballast Point Even Keel - Mango
2/19/2016BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien (2014)
2/19/2016Stone Pataskala Red X IPA
2/18/2016Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin
2/17/2016Stone Americano Stout
2/13/2016Grimm Double Negative - Bourbon Barrel
2/13/2016Au Baron / Jester King Noblesse Oblige
2/12/2016Mikkeller Beer Geek Flat White
2/12/2016Uinta Biere de Mars
2/11/2016Highland The Kinsman Project: Black Mocha Stout w/ Cacao Nibs & Chipotle
2/8/2016Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker (2015)
2/6/2016Omnipollo Ras Soft Citra IPA
2/5/2016Jolly Pumpkin Pincha-Discos
2/5/2016Dormaal Blond
2/4/20168 Wired Batch 2.18 Oak Aged Imperial Stout
2/2/2016Sixpoint C.R.E.A.M.
1/26/2016Prairie Ape Snake
1/26/2016Oskar Blues / Alabama Collabrewation HopTub Bath Machine
1/26/2016Prairie Bomb! - Balcones Barrel Aged
1/21/2016Three Floyds WiseBlood
1/21/2016Founders Spectra Trifecta
1/21/2016Central State House Of Blue Lights
1/11/2016Victory Blackboard Series #1 Agave IPA
1/8/2016Victory Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA
1/8/2016Evil Twin / Westbrook The Perfect Nose
1/8/2016Uinta Crooked Line Port O’ Call
1/8/2016Evil Twin Třrst Front Room v.2
1/8/2016Crooked Stave St. Bretta (Satsuma Mandarin)
1/8/2016Brooklyn The Defender (2015)
1/4/2016Highland Black Watch Double Chocolate Milk Stout
1/2/2016Founders Azacca IPA
1/2/2016Smuttynose Big Beer Series: Rocky Road Stout
12/20/2015Deschutes Black Butte XXVII
12/18/2015Anchor Old Foghorn Ale
12/18/2015West Sixth Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter
12/17/2015Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
12/17/2015West Sixth Christmas Ale
12/17/2015Dieu du Ciel Disco Soleil
12/16/2015Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA
12/15/2015Crooked Stave Progenitor
12/12/2015Against the Grain / Marz Massage A Mystic: Wood
12/12/2015Sweetwater Hash Brown
12/12/2015Kasteel Winter
12/12/2015DuClaw For Pete’s Sake!
12/11/2015Mikkeller X-mas Porter 2012 Fra Til Via (From To Via) Tequila
12/9/2015Rhinegeist / Three Weavers Penguin
12/3/2015Green Flash / Alpine Handshake IPA
12/2/2015Uinta Cutthroat - Wet Hop
12/2/2015Evil Twin Start Me Up