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1/21/2017Gigantic / Magic Rock Holy Oak
1/19/2017Lindemans Cassis Lambic
1/16/2017Lindemans Framboise
1/14/2017Good George Rocket Coffee IPA
1/14/2017Boon Framboise
1/6/2017Tuatara GnT
1/2/2017Garage Project Fuzz Box
1/2/2017Garage Project Pony Ride
12/3/2016Mikeís Hopstock and 2 Smoking Barrels
11/26/2016Brave Keller Pils
11/26/2016Eagle Solo Lupulus NZIPA
11/20/2016Garage Project Nectarivore
11/14/2016Deep Creek Pontoon in a Monsoon
11/5/2016Epic Danger Zone
11/4/2016ParrotDog Flora IPA Series Rātā Imperial Red IPA
11/4/2016Hallertau The Ordained Red IPA
10/29/2016Garage Project Hellbender
10/29/2016Garage Project Madam Mahvash
10/29/2016Kereru Old Red Oak Ale
10/23/2016Garage Project Pernicious Yuzu Weed
10/23/2016Garage Project Pernicious Weed
10/23/2016Moa Southern Alps White IPA Special Edition
10/19/2016ParrotDog Flora IPA Series Forget-Me-Not West Coast IPA
10/16/2016Garage Project Rum & Raisin
10/12/2016Garage Project The Amazing Hop Boy
10/11/2016Garage Project Brightside
10/7/2016Almanac Mandarina
10/4/2016Wild Beer Brettbrett (2015)
9/30/2016Moa St Josephs Tripel
9/30/2016Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons
9/23/2016Moa Rum Barrel Sour
9/23/2016Moa Festive IPA (Belgian Edition)
9/8/2016Garage Project Party and Bullshit
8/31/20168 Wired Saison Sauvin
8/29/2016Garage Project Artful Dodger New Wave English Pale
8/20/20168 Wired / Modern Times Halfway to Whangarei Grissette
8/18/2016Wigram Captain Cook Spruce Beer
8/17/2016Three Boys Oyster Stout
8/15/2016Pelican Umbrella
8/8/2016Obolon Svitle (Helles)
8/5/2016Garage Project Lupus the Wolf Man
7/16/2016Liberty Darkest Days Oatmeal Stout
7/9/2016Kereru Imperial Nibs
7/9/2016Eagle Coalface Stout
7/1/2016Funk Estate "Oh Lordy!"
6/29/2016Bannockburn Killarabbit Double IPA
6/22/2016Modern Times Fortunate Islands - Grapefruit Zest
6/18/2016Garage Project Hops on Pointe
6/4/2016Garage Project Nerissimo
6/1/2016Epic Equinox
4/23/2016Fork & Brewer Godzone Beat
4/23/2016La Trappe Witte Trappist
3/30/2016Valkyrie Frigg
3/13/2016Epic The Observer
3/12/2016Wells Bombardier Burning Gold (Bottle)
2/19/2016Funk Estate Pucker Up Berliner Weisse
2/16/2016Tuatara Helluva
2/15/2016Kereru Resonator IPA
2/15/2016Garage Project Red Zep
2/12/2016Zeelandt ESB
1/31/20168 Wired Sour Side of The Moon
1/20/2016Moa Sour Grapes
1/19/2016Macís Green Beret IPA
1/17/2016Haacht Mystic Witbier met Krieken
1/17/2016Liefmans Fruitesse
1/17/2016Modern Times Universal Friend - Pinot Grigio
1/9/2016Yeastie Boys Stairdancer
1/9/2016Ballast Point The Commodore
1/4/2016Little Creatures Pilsener
1/4/2016Baladin NationAle 3.3
1/2/2016Panhead Lamb Chopper