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1/16/2017Full Sail IPApaya
1/15/2017Breakside Elder Statesman
1/9/2017Lompoc Derail Olde Ale
1/6/2017Double Mountain The Irreverent
12/29/2016Fremont Dark Star
12/29/2016De Dolle Stille Nacht
12/27/2016Breakside The Pathfinder
12/19/2016Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo (8.5%)
12/19/2016Lost Abbey Merry Taj IPA
12/17/2016Alpine Beer Company Pure Hoppiness
12/17/2016Two Roads / Evil Twin Pachamama
12/17/2016Blackberry Farm Barrel Series - Brett Fruit Blend
12/13/2016Pelican Umbrella
12/11/2016Stormbreaker Opacus Stout
12/8/2016Alesong Saison du Vin ’16
12/2/2016Upright Saison Vert
11/30/2016pFriem Belgian Christmas Ale
11/28/2016Double Mountain 9: The Divine Anniversary Ale
11/27/2016New Belgium + Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale
11/25/2016Backwoods Pecan Pie Porter
11/20/2016Midnight Sun T.R.E.A.T. Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
11/19/2016Upright Tanner 16
11/14/2016Block 15 Sticky Hands - Marmalade
11/14/2016Southern Tier 2XMAS
11/11/2016Ecliptic / Fort George JH2
11/10/2016Bayern Groomer
11/9/2016Pelican Captain of the Coast
11/8/2016Three Magnets 3Mag Rain IPA
11/7/2016Piraat Special Reserve (Rum Barrel Aged)
11/6/2016The Ale Apothecary Sahalie
11/5/2016Petrus Sour Quad
11/5/2016Three Magnets Major Tompkins
11/1/2016Gales Prize Old Ale (1920s - 2006)
10/28/2016Smog City Groundwork Coffee Porter
10/28/2016Great Notion Juice Box Double IPA
10/23/2016Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný
10/23/2016pFriem Gose
10/21/2016Mortal Kombat X: Raiden Imperial Saison
10/20/2016Gilgamesh Abandon Imperial Cranberry Ale
10/14/2016Three Magnets Stout and Proud
10/9/2016Snipes Mountain Macizo
10/6/2016Smog City Sabre Toothed Squirrel
10/6/2016Bitter Root Summit IPA
10/5/2016Block 15 Story of the Ghost
10/5/2016Barley Browns Disorder Stout
10/3/2016Crux Dr. Jack Fresh Hop IPA
10/3/2016Laurelwood Santa’s Woody - Bourbon Barrel
10/2/2016Ex Novo Duo
9/28/2016Breakside India Golden Ale
9/27/2016Lagunitas Tuberfest
9/25/2016De Garde Special Rouge
9/23/2016Buoy Hopped N Infused
9/22/2016Stone Foudre Aged Imperial Saison
9/21/2016Chris Banker / Insurgente / Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout - Charred
9/19/2016Stone Depth-Charged Double Bastard
9/18/2016Juli Goldenberg / Monkey Paw / Stone 24 Carrot Golden Ale
9/18/2016Stillwater / Arizona Wilderness Stillwater Is Nothing Big Bunny Is Everything
9/17/2016Block 15 Autumn Farmhouse
9/17/2016Block 15 Gloria! Unfiltered Pilsner
9/15/2016Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 12th Anniv. Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
9/13/2016Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 10th Anniversary IPA
9/12/2016Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale
9/12/2016Boulevard Smokestack Series: The Calling IPA
9/12/2016Pelican Beak Breaker Double IPA
9/9/2016Block 15 Intergalactic Hop Shop
9/8/2016Ordnance Rivercrest Kölsch
9/7/2016Lagunitas Sucks
9/7/2016Evil Twin Wet Dream
9/6/2016Lagunitas Pils
9/6/2016Stone Old Guardian - Pekko Dry-Hopped
9/4/2016Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid
9/3/2016Lagunitas India Pale Ale (IPA)
9/2/2016Almanac San Francisco IPA
8/31/2016Almanac Hoppy Sour: Mandarina
8/31/2016Off Color Bare Bear
8/30/201610 Barrel Rose Bois Grand Cru
8/29/2016Deschutes 20th Anniversary Wit
8/29/2016Machine House Mild
8/29/2016Heathen Megadank
8/29/2016Block 15 Honey Faro
8/28/2016Ninkasi N10 Anniversary Imperial Blended Ale
8/27/2016Angry Orchard Walden Hollow
8/24/2016Woodland Empire Dutch
8/23/2016Crooked Stave Petite Sour (Blueberry)
8/23/201610 Barrel Cucumber Crush
8/21/2016Stone 20th Anniversary Citracado IPA
8/21/2016Ex Novo / Bailey’s Taproom Pinata
8/19/2016Woodland Empire Eat A Peach
8/19/2016Southern Tier Blackwater Series: Salted Caramel
8/19/2016Victory Prima Pils
8/18/2016Off Color Apex Predator
8/18/2016Woodland Empire It’s Like A Blue Moon
8/14/2016Stone Citrusy Wit
8/14/2016Cascade Kentucky Peach
8/14/2016Stone Ruination 2.0 IPA - Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean
8/14/2016Firestone Walker Reginald Brett
8/14/2016Ecliptic Belmont Station 19th Anniversary Barrel Aged Barley Wine
8/14/2016Shiga Kogen 10th Anniversary IPA
8/14/2016Mother Earth Sin-Tax (Sintax) Imperial Stout
8/13/2016Walking Man Bourbon Barrel Homo Erectus Imperial IPA
8/11/2016New Belgium / Firestone Walker Fat Hoppy Ale
8/10/2016New Belgium / Allagash Fat Funk Ale
8/9/2016Woodland Empire Set ’Em Wild, Set ’Em Free - Beet
8/8/2016Doc’s Draft Hard Cassis Cider
8/5/2016Baird Pacific Porter
8/5/2016Block 15 Bad Fish IPA
8/5/2016Shonan IPA
8/4/2016Bell’s Expedition Stout
8/2/2016Three Creeks Stampede Strong Ale
7/31/2016Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2015
7/29/2016BridgePort Stumptown Tart Cherry Saison
7/28/2016Gilgamesh Springer IPA
7/28/2016Full Sail Capsize Imperial Pilsner
7/27/2016Flat Tail DAM Wild: Raspberries & Lemons
7/27/2016Wittekerke Wild
7/26/2016Gigantic Scrilla
7/24/2016Cascade Mission Fig Red
7/17/2016Ecliptic Starburst
7/16/2016Lindemans Kriek Cuvée René
7/8/2016Oakshire Hellshire VI
7/8/2016Pelican Pelicano Extra
7/7/2016Other Half / Stillwater Rockstar Farmer
7/2/2016Culmination Phaedrus IPA
6/25/2016pFriem Frambozen
6/20/2016Block 15 Sticky Hands IPA - The Hop Experience Ale
6/20/2016Woodland Empire Set ’Em Wild, Set ’Em Free - Strawberries and Rhubarb
6/19/2016Widmer Brothers Steel Bridge Porter
6/19/2016pFriem Little Saison
6/19/2016Big Sky Five Valleys Wheat Wine
6/17/2016Bell’s Hopsoulution Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Double Two Hearted
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 5000 Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 4000 Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 3000 Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 2000 Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 1500 Ale
6/17/2016Bell’s Batch 1000 Ale
6/14/2016Bell’s L’Appel Du Vide - Dry Hopped
6/14/2016Bell’s L’appel du Vide
6/11/2016Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft
6/4/2016pFriem Citrus IPA
5/30/2016Les Trois Mousquetaires Hors Série Gose
5/30/2016Sixpoint Puff
5/28/2016Ex Novo Cactus Wins the Lottery
5/26/2016Crux Hook a Chinook
5/24/2016Bauman’s Stephen’s Sweet
5/24/2016Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
5/24/2016Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Strawberry
5/24/2016Apple Outlaw Original Hard Cider
5/24/2016Deschutes Pinot Suave
5/24/2016Oakshire Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
5/24/2016La Trappe Puur
5/24/2016Barley Browns Pallet Jack IPA
5/24/2016Magnolia Saison de Lily
5/24/2016Gigantic Ginormous
5/24/2016Stillwater / Hof Ten Dormaal ’Arcana’ - Red Wine
5/24/2016Hacker-Pschorr Maibock
5/24/2016Georgetown Johnny Utah
5/24/2016pFriem Down Under IPA
5/24/2016Double Mountain Dearly Beloved American IPA
5/24/2016Buoy Oatmeal Stout
5/24/2016Pelican Black Bird
5/24/2016Crux [BANISHED] Freakcake
5/24/2016Baerlic Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner
5/24/2016Uinta Hop Nosh IPA - Tangerine
5/24/2016GoodLife Redside India Red Ale
5/22/2016pFriem Peche
5/20/2016De Garde Anián
5/19/2016pFriem Brett Brux Pale Ale
5/18/2016pFriem Bretta
5/16/2016Fremont Independent IPA
5/15/2016Stillwater / Casita Cerveceria On Fleek
5/15/2016Stillwater / Dugges Syrligt
5/15/2016Against the Grain Sho’Nuff
5/15/2016Breakside The Oligarch
5/15/2016Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge
5/14/2016North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve (Rye Whiskey Barrel)
5/13/2016Perennial Tart Hopfentea
5/13/2016Dieu du Ciel Rigor Mortis Abt
5/7/2016Evil Twin Aún Más a Jesús
5/7/2016Chang Beer
5/6/2016Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout
5/6/2016Acoustic Ales Westbound and Down
5/6/2016Trinity Menacing Kumquat
5/5/2016Kenya Tusker Lager
4/27/2016Rogue Charlie 1981
4/12/2016No-Li Expo Series Big Bang Barley Wine
3/20/2016Trinity / Black Bottle Blow Up Your TV
3/15/2016Trinity Chocolate River Imperial Stout
3/8/2016Hopworks Rise-Up Red Ale
3/5/2016Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin
3/4/2016Bell’s Java Stout
3/3/2016Coronado / Bear Republic MerBear Rye IPA
3/2/2016Victory Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA
3/2/2016Bell’s Smoked Stout
3/2/2016Double Mountain Sphagnum P.I.
3/2/2016Bell’s Consecrator Doppelbock
3/2/2016Royale Pilsner
3/2/2016Block 15 Sticky Hands IPA #13 - Tropical Slam
2/17/2016Double Mountain Stardust IPA
2/15/2016The Ale Apothecary Ralph
2/9/2016Buxton / Omnipollo Yellow Belly Sundae
2/6/2016Ex Novo Psycho Ex
2/2/2016Ecliptic Oort Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged
2/2/2016Victory Hoppy Quad
2/2/2016Against the Grain Rico Sauvin
1/30/2016Flat Tail Nobody Likes Sorgum Stout
1/29/2016Hair of the Dog Stock Ale
1/22/2016The Ale Apothecary Carpe Diem Manana
1/21/2016Schooner Exact Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
1/21/2016Schooner Exact Hopvine 15th Anniversary IPA
1/17/2016Gigantic Most Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged
1/9/2016Heater Allen Pils
1/9/2016Finnriver Cranberry Rosehip