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1/11/2018Triggerfish StoneFish
12/12/2017Hoghouse Hogtale African Pale Ale
11/3/2017Blouberg Imperial Stout
11/3/2017Blouberg Belgian Strong
11/1/2017Apollo India Pale Ale (SA)
10/30/2017N'Ice Chouffe
10/30/2017Oakham Scarlet Macaw
10/30/2017Gallows Hill California Common
10/30/2017Gallows Hill Black Ale
10/30/2017Stone Circle Blue Lotus IPA
10/30/2017Old Potter's Plaas Japie Saison
10/30/2017Mountain Brewing Cape Kraken Belgian Amber Ale
10/30/2017Ukhamba Utywala Sorghum Saison
10/29/2017Aegir Project California Steamin'
10/29/2017Aegir Project Extra Pale Uil
10/29/2017Aegir Project Red Rye
10/29/2017Aegir Project Midnight Porter
10/21/2017Triggerfish Ancient One
10/20/2017KBC The Jackal
10/16/2017Little Wolf Saison
10/15/2017Devil's Peak Grapefruit Express
10/15/2017Kennel Porter Collie
10/14/2017The Makerís Brew Saison
10/14/2017The Makerís Brew Amber
10/10/2017The Makerís Brew Porter
10/10/2017Zwakala (Drifter) Weekend Special
10/10/2017Barking dog Anklebiter Ale
10/7/2017Kennel St Beernard
10/7/2017Kennel Maltyeast Poodle
10/1/2017Franschhoek The Stout
9/25/2017Blouberg Brown Ale
9/25/2017Swifty's Impi
9/25/2017Swifty's Muti
9/24/2017Tattoo Bomber
9/24/2017Mad Giant Urban Legend
9/16/2017Breederiver White Water
9/15/2017Helderberg Rye India Pale Ale
9/15/2017Blouberg IPA
9/13/2017East Coast Session India Pale Ale
9/10/2017Snow Beer Indian Pale Ale
9/10/2017Bitch's Brew Rooibos Blonde Ale
9/9/2017Ukhamba State Capture (Allday IPA)
9/9/2017Hemel & Aarde Valley Folke & Goode Dutch Courage IPA
9/9/2017Shields Funk Machine
9/8/2017Barking dog Sit Stay IPA
9/3/2017Little Wolf Dark White
8/31/2017Maskam Amber Ale
8/31/2017Helderberg Smoked Golden Ale
8/31/2017Breederiver Honey Blonde
8/31/2017The Maker's Brew Blonde
8/31/2017Blouberg Blond
8/30/2017Saggy Stone Dark Horse Lager
8/30/2017Ekhaya Dlamini
8/30/2017Franschhoek Three Oaks Craft Lager
8/30/2017Barking dog Fetch Lager
8/30/2017Kings Craft LionHeart Lager
8/27/2017Urban Judas Peak Blonde Ale
8/27/2017Yard The Dog's Bollocks
8/26/2017Little Wolf American Wheat
8/26/2017Maskam Blonde Ale
8/26/2017Maskam Weiss
8/26/2017Urban Talisman Weiss
8/26/2017Baja Cabotella
8/26/2017Urban The Monkey's Paw Pilsner
8/23/2017Saggy Stone California Steam Beer
7/6/2017BrewDog Abstrakt AB:18
6/25/2017BrewDog Abstrakt AB:14
6/24/2017BrewDog Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition (Can)
2/25/2017Sabie Glynn's Gold
2/15/2017Fraser's Folly Pale Ale
1/20/2017Apollo Stout (SA)