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11/18/2017Baylands Knight Ryder
11/16/2017Baylands 450 XPA
11/16/2017Baylands 350 ALE
11/16/2017North End Salt and Wood La Mure
11/16/2017Baylands Denali Danger Zone APA
11/15/2017Baylands Party Pils
11/3/2017Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA
11/3/2017Pasteur Street Passionfruit Wheat Ale
11/2/2017Behemoth (Chur) Billion Dollar Grapefruit IPA
10/30/2017McLeod's Northland Summer
10/28/2017Eagle On Topper the World
10/28/2017Eagle Rushin River
10/28/2017Eagle Mein Lieblings Hopfenbier
10/28/2017Eagle G-Town IPA
10/26/2017Tuatara Hopfinity
10/25/2017Bridge Road / N°gne ě Aurora Australis
10/19/2017Bootleg Apehanger IPA
10/7/2017Funk Estate Can You Dig It?
10/7/2017North End Table De Brasseur
10/5/2017Ballast Point Sea Rose
9/29/2017Panhead Snake Oil Bogus IPA
9/27/2017Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale
9/27/2017Garage Project Hazelnut Bruin
9/26/2017Croucher Volcanic NZAPA
9/23/2017Garage Project Smoke & Mirrors
8/6/2017St. Bernardus Abt 12
7/27/2017Stone Ripper
7/15/2017Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA
7/11/2017Timmermans Kriek Lambicus
6/30/2017Wigram Smokey Porter
6/30/2017Fat Monk Belgian Blonde
6/24/2017Mike's Damson in Distress Damson Plum Gin Sour
6/23/2017Boneface Shake Your Blood
6/22/2017Tiamana Pilski Berliner Pilsner
6/21/2017Piha Beer Salt Water Gose
6/3/2017Weird Beard Out of Office
5/8/2017Graphic Brewing Origin Story Citrus APA
5/6/2017Wigram Wee Reeky Peat Smoked Scotch Ale
5/6/2017Kasteel Winter
5/6/2017Double Vision Red Rascal Red IPA
5/5/2017Double Vision Expatriate
5/5/2017Pauwel Kwak
5/5/2017Outlier Cartel From Such Great Heights
4/21/2017Ballast Point Manta Ray
4/11/2017Behemoth (Chur) AmeriKiwi Amber Ale
4/7/2017Freigeist Mango Unchained
3/28/2017Behemoth (Chur) ImPEACHment Sour Ale
3/25/2017Garage Project Hellbender
3/20/2017Elation Adrenaline IPA
3/18/2017Tiamana Digga German IPA
3/16/2017Garage Project Resonance
3/15/2017Freigeist K÷penickiade
2/26/2017Almanac Hoppy Sour: Citra
2/20/2017Garage Project 433
2/12/2017Stone Pale Ale 2.0
2/12/2017Rogue Allegro Coffee Porter
2/5/2017Mike's Boys N' Girls Boysenberry Hoppy Strong Wheat Beer
2/2/2017Lagunitas Aunt Sally
1/29/2017Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA
1/21/2017Baltika Brew Collection - Russian Imperial Stout
1/10/2017Siren Vermont Tea Party
1/10/2017Mike's Surf Spot X Blackberry IPA
1/6/2017Siren / Hoppin' Frog 5 - Alarm
1/5/20178 Wired Sour Poppy
12/5/2016BrewDog Elvis Juice (2016 -)
12/4/2016BrewDog Electric India (5.2%)
12/3/2016Wild Beer / 8 Wired Black & Blue
12/3/2016BrewDog Chili Hammer
12/3/2016Garage Project / Modern Times Whizz Bang Hop Rocket IPA
11/23/2016Boon Framboise
11/14/2016Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin
11/13/2016Unibroue Trois Pistoles
11/13/2016Garage Project Wabi Sabi Sour
11/13/20168 Wired Le Fut Flanders Red Ale
11/13/2016Magic Rock Inhaler
11/13/2016Magic Rock / Kissmeyer Salty Kiss
11/11/2016Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
11/7/2016Funk Estate Parleyer