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11/18/2017Sawdust City Golden Beach Pale Ale
11/18/2017Nickel Brook / Sawudsy City 11/05 2017 Imperial Fruit Sour
10/29/2017Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Nectarine)
9/18/2017Whiprsnapr Black Sunshine
9/16/2017Burdock American Pale Ale (Simcoe & Galaxy)
9/15/2017The Exchange White IPA
8/20/2017Great Lakes Brewery Retronym
8/12/2017Watou Tripel
8/12/2017Stone City Ales Yacht Rock
8/12/2017Indie Alehouse Zombie Apocalypse
8/12/2017Indie Alehouse Sword of Damocles
8/12/2017Rainhard Unfiltered Pilsner
8/1/2017Indie Alehouse Nautical Disaster
8/1/2017Amsterdam Testify (Nelson Sauvin)
8/1/2017Sawdust City Limberlost Farmhouse Ale Barrel Aged with Strawberry Rhubarb
8/1/2017Revel Cider Pragmatic Utopia
7/23/2017Revel Cider Apfelgose
7/23/2017Burdock Meube
7/23/2017Side Launch Man Overboard Series: Session IPA
7/23/2017Folly Dovercourt Pale Ale
7/23/2017Burdock Oria Black Currant
7/23/2017The Exchange Golden Ale
7/23/2017Stray Dog This One
7/12/2017Beyond the Pale My Bourbon Milkshake
7/12/2017Bellwoods Jutsu
7/11/2017Sawdust City X Arendals Little Norway
7/11/2017Muskoka Moonlight Kettle Series: Summertime Siesta
7/11/2017Revel Cider Liquid Gold
7/8/2017Stone City Ales Protect Ya Brett
7/8/2017Dominion City Paper Salesman Pale Ale
7/1/2017Camerons Deviator Doppelbock - Bourbon Barrel Aged
6/28/2017Stone City Ales Secret Beach Saison Cuvee
6/28/2017Stone City Ales Juggernaut
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Instant Crush
6/25/2017Sawdust City Old Dirty Barrel (O.D.B.)
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Slow Hands
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Three Sheets
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Chloe
6/25/2017Bellwoods Jelly King (Cherry)
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Sirena Spring Saison
6/25/2017Stone City Ales Skeleton Park
5/27/2017Bellwoods Runes (Galaxy & Enigma)
5/27/2017Stone City Ales Pineapple Haze IPA
5/27/2017Dominion City / Twin Sails Northern Wish IPA
5/27/2017Oxbow Cross Fade
5/27/2017Nickel Brook Are You Kiwi-ing Me?
5/27/2017Blood Brothers Milk of the Poppy
5/27/2017Bellwoods Jelly King (Plum)
5/27/2017Folly Inspecting Nostalgia
5/25/2017Sawdust City A Place to Stand
5/25/2017Bellwoods Grandma's Boy (2016 - )
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Rosie
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Harry Porter and the Complicated Coffee Order
5/25/2017Great Lakes X Big Rig Referencing Illegal Activities
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Ice Hole Pale Ale
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Solstice Stout
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Currant Affair
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Found Money Abbey Ale
5/25/2017Great Lakes Brewery Raspberry Saison
5/9/2017Stone City Ales May Day!
5/9/2017Stalwart Bachelor IIPA
5/9/2017Burdock IPA (Simcoe, Idaho 7, Huell Melon)
5/9/2017Left Field Squeeze Play (Cherry Lime)
5/9/2017Bellwoods Ghost Orchid IPA
5/4/2017Stone City Ales Amélie
5/4/2017Muskoka Moonlight Kettle Series: Which Way to the Birch?
5/4/2017Left Field Laser Show
5/4/2017Burdock Vermont Blond Ale
5/4/2017Burdock Session Saison
4/29/2017Crooked Mile Highland Hillwalker
4/24/2017Blood Brothers Paradise Lost: Guava
4/24/2017Stone City Ales Natural Born Lover
4/24/2017Indie Alehouse Love Triangle IPA (Centennial, Columbus, Cascade)
4/24/2017Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Cherries)
4/24/2017Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Raspberry)
4/24/2017Indie Alehouse Zombie Apocalypse (Bourbon)
4/24/2017Indie Alehouse Burning Boat
4/24/2017Burdock Te (Citra & Idaho 7)
4/24/2017Alvinne Phi
4/24/2017Great Lakes Brewery 30th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Belgian Style Quad
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse Sunkicked
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse X À la Fût Saddle Cassée
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse Furlong
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse Shadow Chaser
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse X Bar Hop Rabbit of Caerbannog
4/23/2017Indie Alehouse Iconoclast Brett IPA
4/14/2017Omnipollo Prodromus
4/14/2017Great Lakes Brewery Robohop
4/11/2017Stone City Ales Coco-Naut Imperial Stout
4/11/2017Great Lakes Brewery Meanwhile Down in Moxee IPA
4/11/2017Folly Weird Grammar
4/11/2017Revel Cider Spirit Of The Woods
3/28/2017Le Trou du Diable Le Coq
3/28/2017Oxbow Saison de Kuaska
3/28/2017Leelanau Illuminati
3/28/2017Muskoka Sweet Shiver
3/28/2017Amsterdam Demon Host
3/28/2017Amsterdam 18 Dirty Hands
3/28/2017Tooth And Nail Centurion
3/28/2017Amsterdam X Great Lakes Maverick and Gose
3/28/2017Indie Alehouse Gold Star Saison
3/28/2017Stone City Ales Elder Statesman
3/28/2017Left Field Squeeze Play
3/28/2017Revel Cider Zero Gravitas
3/28/2017Bellwoods Runes (Citra & Mosaic)
3/19/2017Bellwoods IPA (Columbus & Chinook)
3/19/2017Rainhard True Grit (2016 - )
3/4/2017Chris Banker / Insurgente / Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout
2/26/2017Stone City Ales Après Coffee Amber Ale
2/26/2017Stalwart Dos Jefes
2/26/2017Nickel Brook Cuvée Spiced Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels
2/26/2017Great Lakes Brewery Apocalypse Later Imperial Black IPA
2/26/2017Bellwoods Witchshark Imperial IPA
2/24/2017Préaris Quadrocinno
2/15/2017Rainhard Hearts Collide
2/14/2017Indie Alehouse Unheard Melodies
2/14/2017Bellwoods Roman Candle IPA
2/14/2017Rainhard Kapow!*
2/14/2017Revel Cider Prosthetic Conscience
2/6/2017Nickel Brook Kentucky Bastard Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
2/6/2017Stone City Ales Resolution Blended Porter
2/6/2017Calabogie Five Islands
2/6/2017Beyond the Pale The Gravity of Winter
2/6/2017Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage to Uranus
2/6/2017Muskoka Bierbuik
2/6/2017Sawdust City Ol' Woody Alt
2/6/2017Revel Cider Hop X
2/6/2017Nickel Brook Lux
1/14/2017Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine (2013 & Onwards)
1/14/2017Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale
12/23/2016Dieu du Ciel Hérétique Obscura
12/23/2016Burdock Meube Noir
12/11/2016Dominion City Julebryg
12/3/2016Sawdust City X Nickel Brook 11/05 2016 Brett Tripel
12/3/2016Great Lakes Brewery Cornish Breakfast
12/3/2016Folly ULLA
12/3/2016Beyond the Pale Joyride
11/26/2016Stone City Ales Hopes and Dreams
11/21/2016Nickel Brook / Sawdust City 11/05 2014 Triple IPA
11/21/2016Sawdust City X Bar Hop Blood of Cthulhu
11/21/2016Sawdust City Titania
11/21/2016Sawdust City Bitter Beauty IIPA