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4/9/2017Labatt Blue Light
3/7/2017Coors Banquet Beer
3/2/2017Milwaukee’s Best Ice
3/2/2017Keystone Light
2/20/2017New Holland The Poet
2/20/2017Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle/Can)
1/7/2017Rochester Mills Red Velvet Ale
1/1/2017Blue Moon Belgian White Ale
11/1/2016Corona Extra
10/13/2016Pabst Blue Ribbon
10/10/2016Coors Light
10/4/2016Bud Light
9/18/2016Founders Mosaic Promise
9/17/2016Arbor Sacred Cow IPA
9/17/2016Alaskan Icy Bay IPA
9/17/2016Odd Side Ales Citra Pale Ale (CPA)
9/9/2016Dos Equis XX Special Lager
9/9/2016Samuel Adams Boston Lager
8/31/2016Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
8/31/2016Magic Hat #9
8/31/2016Michelob Ultra
8/31/2016Stella Artois
8/31/2016Sam Adams Light
8/31/2016Red Dog
8/31/2016Busch Light
8/31/2016Arcadia IPA
8/31/2016Atwater D-Light Kölsch-Style Beer
8/31/2016Shock Top Belgian White
8/31/2016Natural Light
8/31/2016Modelo Especial
8/31/2016Bud Light Platinum
8/18/2016Miller Lite
4/26/2016Miller High Life
4/24/2016Paw Paw Citra Melon Session Ale
4/24/2016Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)
4/24/2016Rolling Rock Extra Pale