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11/9/2017Indie Alehouse X Bar Hop Rabbit of Caerbannog
11/8/2017Indie Alehouse Red Tape Stout
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse Slings And Arrows
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse Loki's Garden
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse X Resurgence Hestu's Gift
11/1/2017Great Lakes Brewery X Swansea Homebrew Club Simple Life Saison
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse Island Escape
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse Lemonade Stand
11/1/2017Thin Man Brett The Technique 2
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse Nautical Disaster Barrel Aged
11/1/2017Indie Alehouse X Thin Man Thindie Brett IPA
10/24/2017Amsterdam X Sawdust City X Great Lakes X Indie Ale Four Barrels Barley Wine
10/24/2017Indie Alehouse Instigator Pale Ale
10/24/2017Indie Alehouse Table Beer
10/24/2017Indie Alehouse St. Crispins Mild
10/24/2017Indie Alehouse Breakfast Porter
8/16/2017Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Pineapple)
7/21/2017Indie Alehouse Zombie Apocalypse
6/26/2017MERIT Whatever Will Be
6/26/2017Indie Alehouse Grendel's Revenge
6/26/2017Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (No Fruit)
6/26/2017Indie Alehouse Wit w/ Pineapple and Chili
6/26/2017Indie Alehouse Iconoclast Brett IPA
6/26/2017Indie Alehouse New IPA
5/31/2017Indie Alehouse Love Triangle IPA (Amarillo, Simcoe and Columbus)
5/19/2017Indie Alehouse Skyfall Saison
5/19/2017Indie Alehouse Gold Star Saison
5/19/2017Indie Alehouse IPA with Juniper
5/19/2017Indie Alehouse Sword of Damocles
4/15/2017Indie Alehouse Furlong
4/15/2017Indie Alehouse Broken Hipster
3/25/2017Indie Alehouse Unheard Melodies
1/26/2017Indie Alehouse Ritual Madness
1/26/2017Sierra Nevada / Indie Alehouse The Eh! Team
12/28/2016Indie Alehouse 10-4