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7/20/2017Champion Amarillo by Morning
7/20/2017Champion New Bird
7/20/2017Champion Brasserie Saison (Sour)
7/20/2017Champion The Pils Are Alive With the Sound of Citra
6/27/2017Champion Wheeze the Juice
6/27/2017Champion Trustafarian
6/27/2017Champion Durin's Bane
12/28/2016Champion Yule Shoot Ur Eye Out
12/27/2016Champion Larry's Dime Bag
12/27/2016Champion / Three Notch'd Group Hug
12/27/2016Champion Ginger Can't Drink Beer
12/27/2016Champion Four Horsemen
12/24/2016Champion Marzen Lager
12/24/2016Champion Hogwaller Scramble
12/24/2016Champion Brasserie Saison Dubbel
12/7/2016Champion Santa's Cookies
12/7/2016Champion Brasserie Saison
12/7/2016Champion Waterboys IPA
11/4/2016Champion / Smartmouth Sir Nils Olav