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1/24/2018Nickel Brook Mystery Beer B
1/24/2018Nickel Brook Mystery Beer A
1/21/2018New Ontario Bear Runner Blonde
1/18/2018Collective Arts Sour Harvest Saison
1/17/2018Two Roads Road 2 Ruin
1/16/2018Brimstone Sinister Minister IPA
1/16/2018Ommegang Game of Thrones #8 - Bend the Knee
1/14/2018Beau's Double Identity
1/6/2018Founders CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
1/4/2018Beau's Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout
1/1/2018CREW Republic Roundhouse Kick
1/1/2018Het Anker Gouden Carolus Cuvée Van De Keizer Imperial Dark (Blauw Label)
1/1/2018Left Field Laser Show
12/30/2017Great Lakes Brewery 30th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
12/29/2017Tuborg Grøn (Green)
12/28/2017Dunes Beach Beer
12/21/2017Camerons Where The Buffalo Roam
12/15/2017Wellington Kentucky Cow
12/15/2017Four Fathers Shevchenko Ukrainian Dunkel
12/10/2017Amager / Goose Island RyeKing
12/10/2017Prinzregent Luitpold Weissbier Hell
12/2/2017Lake of the Woods Sultana Gold
11/29/2017Woodhouse IPA
11/17/2017Longslice Loose Lips Lager
11/15/2017St-Feuillien Brune
11/13/2017Double Trouble Hops & Robbers Grapefruit IPA
11/10/2017Sleeping Giant Skull Rock Stout
11/9/2017Moosehead Anniversary Ale
11/9/2017Sawdust City A Place to Stand
10/31/2017Flying Monkeys Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale
10/29/2017Unibroue Éphémère Sureau (Elderberry)
10/28/2017Ommegang Game of Thrones #7 - Valar Dohaeris
10/27/2017Staropramen Ležák (Premium Lager / Beer) 12°
10/22/2017Lake Wilcox Mad Quacker
10/22/2017Skeleton Park Amber 6.6
10/13/2017Bobcaygeon Common Loon
10/13/2017Bobcaygeon Dockside
10/12/2017Mill Street Bob's Bearded Red
10/11/2017Manitoulin Bridal Veil Pale Ale
10/11/2017Muskoka Ruff Draught Tropical Blonde Ale
10/7/2017Big Rig Found Bikes Ride Faster
10/7/2017The Exchange Golden Ale
10/4/2017Nickel Brook Ceres
10/1/2017Big Rig Tales from the Patch
9/30/2017Black Creek Historic Pioneer Harvest Pumpkin Ale
9/30/2017Old Tomorrow Track 85 Lagered Ale
9/28/2017Brickworks Ciderhouse Series No.1 - Mint & Basil
9/25/2017Beau's Cranberry Derby
9/24/2017Shillow Beer Snob
9/23/2017Ace Hill Vienna Lager
9/23/2017Lost Craft Revivale
9/23/2017Lost Craft Crimzen
9/23/2017Creemore Springs Mad & Noisy Lagered Ale
9/23/2017Creemore Springs Oktoberfest Lager
9/23/2017Whitewater Farmer's Daughter
9/22/2017Beau's The Spice Principle
9/20/2017Beau's Farm Table: Saison
9/17/2017Central City / Quidi Vidi Hop To The East
9/17/2017Collective Arts Collective Project: IPA Project #3
9/17/2017Samuel Adams Octoberfest
9/16/2017Refined Fool Ripsnorter
9/12/2017Little Known Brewery Je Ne Sais Quoi
9/11/2017Central City / Le Trou du Diable Bouclier Canadien
9/10/2017Central City / Garrison 'New' Scottish Ale
9/7/2017Red Racer & Beau's Upper Reaches Pale Ale
8/31/2017Central City / Picaroons Restored Hop(e)
8/31/2017Founders PC Pils
8/30/2017Innis & Gunn Maple & Thistle Rye Ale
8/10/2017Flying Monkeys Juicy Ass IPA
8/10/2017Clifford Pinball Wizard
8/4/2017Central City / Last Best Berry Smooth
7/31/2017Central City / Yukon Swift Currant
7/26/2017Mill Street Honest Bucker Pale Ale
7/26/2017Barnstormer Accelerated Stall Double IPA
7/25/2017Mill Street Welterweight
7/25/2017Wellington Upside IPA
7/16/2017Mill Street Illuminari
7/14/2017Mill Street Stone Mason
7/12/2017Central City / Half Pints Land of Rice & Honey
7/10/2017Beau's Tom Green Summer Stout
7/8/2017Collingwood 3 Point Saison
7/8/2017Bench Twenty Mile Farmhouse Ale
7/7/2017Central City / NWT Miners' Refresh
7/4/2017Innis & Gunn IPA
7/4/2017Wellington Friday Helles
7/4/2017Tuque de Broue Dorée Pale Ale
7/3/2017Left Field Sunlight Park Grapefruit Saison
7/2/2017Le Trou du Diable Mellifera
7/2/2017Central City / Four Winds Left of the Divide
7/1/2017Mill Street Red Ensign
6/29/2017Cassel La Franco
6/28/2017Stewart First World Problems
6/27/2017Wellington Shangri-la IPA
6/27/2017Wellington Rhubarb Saison
6/26/2017Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux
6/26/2017Central City / Prince Edward Island Brewing Biere d'ici Honey Ale
6/25/2017Schneider Weisse Tap X Marie's Rendezvous
6/25/2017Bud Light Radler
6/25/2017Central City / Black Bridge Wide Open Spaces
6/25/2017Samuel Adams Fresh As Helles
6/25/2017Hop City Payday Saison
6/24/2017Forked River Mojo Citra Rhubarb Wheat
6/24/2017Kichesippi Natural Blonde
6/24/2017Great Lakes Brewery Robohop
6/23/2017Nickel Brook Immodest Imperial India Pale Ale
6/16/2017Block Three Beauty And The Belgian
6/15/2017Henderson Old Fashioned
6/15/2017Lake of the Woods Big Timber IPA
6/15/2017Nickel Brook Café Del Bastardo
6/14/2017Bell City Edison's Peepshow
6/12/2017Kona Big Wave Golden Ale
6/12/2017Barnstormer Wind Shear Watermelon Wheat
6/12/2017Brickworks Queen Street 501
6/10/2017Walkerville Waterfront Wit
6/10/2017Black Creek Canada 150
6/9/2017Railway City Express India Session Lager
6/4/2017Ernest Cider Rubee
6/4/2017Spirit Tree Draught Cider
6/3/2017Fat Unicorn Last Call Blonde
6/3/2017Double Trouble Trailer Park Boys Freedom 35
6/3/2017Flying Monkeys Super Collider 2.0
6/3/2017Collective Arts Collective Project: IPA Project #2
6/2/2017Westons Caple Rd Cider: Blend No 3
6/1/2017Broadhead Bodacious Blueberry Blonde
6/1/2017Old Tomorrow Monty's Aged Ryed Ale
6/1/2017Walkerville Geronimo India Pale Ale
5/30/2017Falcon Laggar Falcon
5/28/2017RJ Le Cheval Blanc Double Blanche (IPA belge)
5/27/2017Collective Arts Prophets & Nomads
5/27/2017Collingwood Kingpost ESB
5/22/2017Beau's Full Time IPA
5/21/2017Flying Monkeys Confederation Amber Ale
5/21/2017County Road 3 Farmhouse Saison
5/21/2017Smuttynose IPA
5/20/2017Shillow Bitter Waitress
5/13/2017Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Aged Porter
5/13/2017Innis & Gunn Hopped Bourbon Cask Ale
5/2/2017Walkerville Honest Lager
5/1/2017Collective Arts Imperial IPA
4/30/2017Innis & Gunn Kith & Kin
4/29/2017Block Three Through the Quad
4/26/2017Lake of the Woods Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale
4/25/2017Préaris Quadrocinno
4/17/2017Clocktower Fenian Red
4/16/2017Central City Red Racer Pils
4/14/2017Bench Citra Grove
4/14/2017Amager / Prairie Tulsa Twister
4/9/2017Wellington Against The Currant
4/8/2017Wellington 30th Anniversary Ale
4/4/2017Mill Street Rodeo Monk
4/2/2017Oakham Green Devil IPA
3/31/2017Stack Brewing 4x4 Belgian Quad
3/29/2017Beau's Tyrannosaurus Gruit
3/28/2017MABRASSERIE Tribale Double IPA
3/28/2017Collective Arts Collective Project: Sour Pumpkin Saison
3/27/2017Cowbell Doc Perdue's Bobcat
3/26/2017Mill Street Lune de Sang Noir
3/26/2017Steamworks Jasmine IPA
3/25/2017Hop City Polly Want A Pilsner
3/25/2017Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout
3/23/2017Four Fathers (Ontario) The Starter Session IPA
3/13/2017Wellington Terrestrial India Brown Ale
3/11/2017Wellington Winter Lager
3/9/2017Nøgne Ø / Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter
3/9/2017Bicycle Craft Velocipede India Pale Ale
3/6/20175 Paddles Home Sweet Home
3/3/2017Wellington Quick Brown Fox ESB
3/3/2017Boulevard Smokestack Series: Bourbon Barrel Quad
2/28/2017Wellington S'Wheat Thang
2/20/2017Stack Brewing La Cloche
2/20/2017Bayside Honey Cream Ale
2/13/2017Radical Road Sling Shot California Common
2/9/2017Inveralmond Rascal London Porter
2/4/2017Cowbell Absent Landlord
2/2/2017Amsterdam 2017 Helles Golden Lager
1/31/2017Kichesippi Bristol Stout
1/28/2017San Miguel
1/27/2017Covered Bridge The Lumbersexual
1/26/2017Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage to Uranus
1/26/2017Pint Pursuits Lord of Lupulin
1/21/2017Warka Strong (2015- )
1/16/2017Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale
1/15/2017Duvel Tripel Hop 2016 (HBC-291)
1/15/2017Muskoka Shinnicked Stout
1/14/2017Side Launch Mountain Lager
1/12/2017Amsterdam 18 Hands