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1/21/2017Warka Strong (2015- )
1/19/2017Pint Pursuits Lord of Lupulin
1/16/2017County Road 3 Farmhouse Saison
1/16/2017Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series: 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale
1/15/2017Duvel Tripel Hop 2016 (HBC-291)
1/15/2017Muskoka Shinnicked Stout
1/15/2017Amsterdam 2017 Helles Golden Lager
1/14/2017Side Launch Mountain Lager
1/12/2017Amsterdam 18 Hands
1/12/2017Cowbell Absent Landlord
1/9/2017Stack Brewing 4x4 Belgian Quad
12/31/2016StoneHammer Pilsner
12/31/2016Kensington Market Pils
12/31/2016Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction
12/30/2016Brown Van Kölsch Style Ale
12/29/2016Budweiser Budvar B:Dark Tmavý Ležák
12/27/2016Benediktiner Original / Hell
12/26/2016Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance
12/26/2016Big Rig Midnight Kissed My Cow
12/26/2016Muskoka Winter Weiss
12/24/2016Big Rock Citradelic Single Hop IPA
12/23/2016Nickel Brook Equilibrium ESB
12/18/2016Magnotta True North Inukshuk IPA
12/18/2016Propeller IPA
12/17/2016Double Trouble French Press Vanilla Stout
12/17/2016Bayside Honey Cream Ale
12/16/2016Wells Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager
12/16/2016Stack Brewing La Cloche
12/13/2016Stonehammer Continuity Baltic Porter
12/12/2016Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout
12/12/2016Tuque De Broue Doree Pale Ale
12/12/2016Collective Arts Local Press Apple Cider
12/9/2016Bench Brewing Ball’s Falls
12/9/2016Flying Monkeys Deep Tracks American Brown Ale
12/5/2016Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons Export
12/4/2016Perth Euro
12/4/2016Whiprsnapr Carol Anne
12/3/2016Refined Fool Short Pier, Long Walk
12/3/2016Walkerville Easy Stout
12/2/2016Beyond the Pale Aromatherapy - American IPA
12/1/2016Ilkley The Mayan
12/1/2016Block Three Frankenstout
11/27/2016Wellington Against The Currant
11/25/2016Black Bellows White
11/24/2016Collective Arts Collective Project: Sour Pumpkin Saison
11/19/2016Warsteiner Herb
11/14/2016Great Lakes Brewery X Bar Hop Hanlan’s Point
11/13/2016Henderson Henderson’s Best
11/13/2016Royal City Rememberance Red Ale
11/12/2016Badger Fursty Ferret (Bottle)
11/12/2016Block Three Beauty And The Belgian
11/7/2016Local 7 West Coast Session Lager
11/6/2016Radical Road Sling Shot California Common
11/5/2016Freigeist Abraxxxas Pear Lichtenhainer
11/4/2016Collingwood Saison
11/3/2016Big Rig Double Chocolate Milk Stout
10/29/2016Waterloo Spiced Dunkel
10/29/2016Triple Bogey Lager
10/29/2016Åbro Bryggmästarens Premium Gold
10/29/2016Lake of the Woods Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale
10/29/2016Budweiser Shot
10/29/2016Big Rig Tales From the Patch
10/29/2016Royal City Autumn Ale
10/26/2016Royal City Smoked Honey Ale
10/24/2016Amsterdam X Great Lakes Maverick and Gose
10/23/2016Parallel 49 Schadenfreude Pumpkin Oktoberfest
10/22/2016Bicycle Craft Velocipede India Pale Ale
10/20/2016Wellington Kickin’ Back Dry Hopped Session Ale
10/16/2016Beyond the Pale Pale Ale Project
10/15/2016Double Trouble Grow A Pear
10/12/2016Brickworks Stadium Island Peach
10/10/2016Sawdust City Sagemehl Stadt Festbier
10/5/2016Block Three King Street Saison
10/5/2016Left Field Sunlight Park Saison
10/2/2016Kichesippi Bristol Stout
9/30/2016Refined Fool Illiterate Librarians
9/23/2016Innocente Waterloo 1815
9/23/2016Big Rig The Salute 1179
9/21/2016Walkerville Waterfront Wit
9/20/2016Innis & Gunn Fired Oak Scotch Ale
9/19/2016Collective Arts State of Mind
9/16/2016Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Raspberry)
9/15/2016Unibroue Éphémère Bleuet (Blueberry)
9/12/2016Muskoka Oak-Aged Cream Ale
9/7/2016Clocktower Kölsch
9/5/2016Descendants Reynard the Fox
9/5/2016Descendants Harbinger Pale Ale
8/29/2016Royal City Hibiscus Saison
8/28/2016Collective Arts Apple & Cherry Cider
8/28/2016Central City Red Racer Imperial IPA for Autism
8/27/2016Beaus Buenos Dias
8/27/2016Highlander Lion Grass
8/26/2016St. Louis Fond Tradition Kriek Lambic
8/25/2016Southpaw Heroes
8/10/2016Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
8/9/2016Nickel Brook Headstock India Pale Ale
8/5/2016Big Rig Hoppin Maibock
7/24/2016Flying Monkeys 12 Minutes to Destiny
7/24/2016Thornbury Pickup Truck
7/23/2016Great Lakes Brewery Sunnyside Session IPA
7/22/2016Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René
7/21/2016F & M StoneHammer Dark Ale
7/19/2016Grand River Red Tail
7/13/2016Thornbridge Beadeca’s Well
7/5/2016Perth Black Lager
7/4/2016Goose Island Endless IPA
7/3/2016Granville Island Two Tides India Session Ale
7/3/2016Wanderoot Craft Cider
7/3/2016Central City Hopping Mad Cider Radler
7/3/2016Sleeman Railside Session Ale
7/3/2016Creemore Springs Kölsch Style Ale
7/2/2016Lake of Bays Summer Session Ale
6/28/2016Muskoka Kirby’s Kölsch
6/26/2016Collective Arts Rhyme and Reason
6/26/2016Turning Point Apple Cider
6/11/2016Innocente Bystander
6/10/2016Mill Street Ambre de la Chaudiere
6/7/2016Shillow Bitter Waitress
6/3/2016Lagunitas India Pale Ale (IPA)
5/27/2016Refined Fool Pouch Envy
5/22/2016Central City Red Racer Imperial IPA (Red Betty)
5/16/2016Collective Arts Ransack the Universe IPA
5/15/2016Beaus Farm Table: Patersbier
5/15/2016Great Lakes Brewery Octopus Wants to Fight IPA
5/8/2016Beaus Haters Gonna Hate
5/8/2016Bell City Lenoir Belgian Ale
5/6/2016Cassel Caboose IPA
5/6/2016Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove
5/2/2016Beaus Golden Vox
4/30/2016Mill Street West Coast IPA
4/30/2016Brickworks Queen Street 501
4/24/2016Keltek Lance
4/22/2016Amsterdam Farmhouse Series Homegrown Saison
4/17/2016Forked River Capital Blonde Ale
4/17/2016Whitewater Class V IPA
4/17/2016Forked River Weendigo
4/15/2016Bush Pilot Pengo Pally
4/15/2016Beaus Farm Table: Grisette
4/13/2016Viven Porter
4/10/2016Mackeson XXX Stout
4/9/2016Ommegang Game of Thrones #5 - Three-Eyed Raven
4/3/2016Beaus Koru
4/3/2016Forked River Riptide Rye Pale Ale
3/28/2016Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus
3/27/2016Hornbeer Viking Chili Stout (Megagrisk)
3/26/2016Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA
3/24/2016Bell City Eureka Cream Ale
3/18/2016Whiprsnapr Root Of Evil
3/17/2016Beaus Le Coeur Noir
3/15/2016Collingwood Vintage Ale
3/14/2016Sawdust City Golden Beach Pale Ale
3/7/2016Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2015
3/5/2016Delirium Tremens
2/27/2016Old Tomorrow Monty’s Golden Ryed Ale
2/26/2016Schneider Weisse Tap X Mein Cuvée Barrique
2/23/2016Beaus Farm Table: 80 Schilling
2/21/2016Sleeping Giant 360° Ale
2/20/2016Neustadt Springs 10w30
2/20/2016Triple Bogey Hurry Hard
2/6/2016Great Lakes Brewery Harry Porter
2/6/2016Great Lakes Brewery Red Leaf Lager
2/1/2016New Holland Dragon’s Milk - Cherry Bitters Barrel Aged with Cherry
1/31/2016Phillips Blue Buck
1/30/2016Amsterdam Fracture IIPA
1/22/2016Smithavens Kellerbier
1/19/2016Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale
1/16/2016All or Nothing Hopfenweisse
1/16/2016Kichesippi Wuchak Black
1/16/2016Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2014
1/15/2016Hop City 8th Sin Black Lager
1/15/2016Stewart Cauld Reekie
1/11/2016Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout
1/2/2016Hofbräu München Dunkel
1/1/2016Leffe Royale (Whitbread Golding)