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9/12/2017The Beer Diviner Got Your Back Coffee Oatmeal Stout
9/12/2017Good Nature Annie
9/12/2017Empire Slo Mo'
9/6/2017Good Nature Non-Stop Hop Onslaught
9/3/2017Half Full Sensible Decision #1 IPL
8/29/2017Great Adirondack Whiteface Black Diamond Stout
8/29/2017Brown's Burst IPA
8/29/2017Artisanal Brew Works Daily Double IPA
8/28/2017Davidson Brothers I-87 IPA
8/28/2017Ellicottville Fistful of Peel
8/28/2017Druthers Brewing The Dare
8/24/2017Middle Ages Syracuse Pale Ale
8/22/2017Ellicottville Keepin' It Peel
8/18/2017Davidson Brothers Brown Ale
8/18/2017Druthers Brewing All-In IPA
7/23/2017Great Adirondack John Brown IPA
7/20/2017Samuel Adams Boston Ale
7/15/2017Jack's Abby House Lager
5/31/2017Burial Fall of the Rebel Angels
2/21/2017Grimm Candlepower
1/8/2017Sloop Green Islands