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7/19/2017Ellicottville Keepin’ It Peel
7/18/2017Good Nature Non-Stop Hop Onslaught
7/15/2017Jack’s Abby House Lager
5/31/2017Burial Fall of the Rebel Angels
2/21/2017Grimm Candlepower
1/8/2017Sloop Green Islands
12/22/2016Hudson Valley Amulet
12/19/2016New Holland Black Tulip Trippel Ale
12/18/2016Harpoon Hoppy Adventure
11/13/2016Pipeworks Lizard King
11/12/2016Singlecut Weird & Gilly
11/2/2016Finback Meridian
8/31/2016St. Bernardus Tripel
8/14/2016Chatham Trop Hop
7/23/2016Captain Lawrence Tropigose
7/17/2016Sixpoint Puff