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2/15/2018Bellwoods Cosmic Tiara
1/31/2018Bellwoods Jelly King (Blood Orange)
1/31/20185 Paddles Madness of Ophelia
1/31/2018Bellwoods Satan's Broadsword
1/31/2018Bellwoods Hellwoods
1/1/2018Left Field Rally Cap
12/27/2017Town Leap of Faith Series: IPA
12/16/2017Sawdust City Strawberry Milkshake
12/11/2017Great Lakes Brewery Etobichoker
11/29/2017Great Lakes Brewery What Willis Was Talking About
11/3/2017Left Field Lolly Mango Lassi IPA
11/2/2017555 Footprint
10/30/2017Little Beasts Experimental IPA
10/30/2017Little Beasts Experimental Blonde
10/25/2017Rouge River Papaya Sour
10/25/2017Rouge River Conquest of the Planet of the APAs
10/25/2017Rouge River Autumn IPA
10/5/2017Bellwoods Milkshark - Passionfruit
9/17/2017Left Field Greenwood Vermont Style IPA
9/17/2017Left Field Super Prospect Double Dry Hopped Citra IPA
9/17/2017Left Field Prospect IPA : Citra
9/17/2017Left Field Maris* Pale Ale
9/17/2017Left Field Passionfruit Day Game
9/17/2017Left Field Bang-Bang
8/3/2017Northwinds Rainmaker IPA
7/29/2017Bellwoods Jelly King (Strawberry Rhubarb)
7/23/2017Rouge River Summer Pale Ale
7/23/2017Rouge River Passionfruit Sour
7/23/2017Rouge River Summer IPA
7/13/2017Great Lakes Brewery Miami Weiss (White Pale Ale)
7/10/2017Bellwoods Tang Town
7/10/2017Rouge River Forgot About Drei
7/10/2017Rouge River Dankster's Paradise
7/6/2017Muddy York Storm Glass IPA
7/2/2017Great Lakes Brewery No Chance With Miranda
7/2/2017Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout
7/2/2017Sawdust City Gateway Kolsch
6/25/2017Bellwoods Ghost Orchid IPA
6/18/2017Royal City Exhibition Session IPA
6/18/2017Royal City Delhi Double
6/10/2017Bellwoods Jelly King (Cherry)
5/25/2017Blood Brothers White Lies (Sauvignon Blanc)
5/19/2017Camerons 12 Mile India Pale Lager
5/14/2017Rouge River Spring IPA
5/12/2017Bellwoods Jelly King (Blackberry)
4/25/2017Bellwoods Ghost Orchid Pale Ale
4/25/2017Left Field Laser Show
4/24/2017Nickel Brook Le Paysan Saison Farmhouse Ale
4/15/2017Great Lakes Brewery Grimace's Tears Milkshake Pale Ale
4/15/2017Left Field Prospect IPA : Hallertau Blanc
3/26/2017Bellwoods Milkshark - Pineapple
3/15/2017Bellwoods Jelly King
3/13/2017Bellwoods Roman Candle IPA
2/10/2017Stone City Ales Uncharted India Pale Ale