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4/6/2017Indeed Wooden Soul #10 - Cherry Dust
2/11/2017Upper Hand Shanty Shaker
1/4/2017Fair State Keller Blanc
1/3/2017Steel Toe Douglas CDA
1/3/2017Third Street Sugar Shack Maple Stout
1/3/2017Surly Four
1/3/2017Surly Gose
12/11/2016Lupine Shrubbery
12/8/2016Founders Lizard of Koz
11/8/2016Bent Paddle Hopmosa
11/8/2016Bent Paddle 14 ESB
11/8/2016Bent Paddle Double Shot Double Black
11/8/2016Bent Paddle Roof Rack Lager
11/8/2016Bent Paddle Venture Pils
11/2/2016Surly Furious Black
11/2/2016Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher
10/25/2016Indeed Derailed: Zwickelbier
10/16/2016Bad Weather Green Sky
10/16/2016The Bruery Melange #14
10/16/2016Cascade Pumpkin Smash
10/16/2016HammerHeart Herbstklagen Rauchbier
10/16/2016Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
10/7/2016Indeed Derailed: Blueberry Kettel Sour Ale
10/7/2016Fair State LACTOBAC: Thirteen (Roselle)
10/7/2016Fair State / Modern Times The Shoulder of Orion
9/18/2016Northgate Stronghold Robust Porter - Bourbon Barrel Aged
7/10/2016New Holland Michigan Awesome Hatter
7/10/2016New Belgium / Avery Fat Wild Ale
6/24/2016Steel Toe Size 7 IPA
4/8/2016Indeed Wooden Soul #6: Wood-Aged Red Ale