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6/28/2017Teignworthy Christmas Cracker
6/20/2017Thornbridge Lukas
6/20/2017Thornbridge Valravn
6/19/2017Thornbridge Raindrops On Roses
6/19/2017Westerham Hop Rocket India Pale Ale (Bottle)
6/7/2017Thornbridge Peverel
6/3/2017Moonchild Live Free & Burn
6/3/2017Moonchild Ambacht
6/1/2017Thornbridge Halcyon
6/1/2017Thornbridge Mango Halcyon
6/1/2017Cloudwater IPA Vic Secret Wai-Iti
6/1/2017Cloudwater Spring Summer 2017 IPA Chinook Vic Secret
6/1/2017Cloudwater Spring Summer 2016 - Sorachi Ace Grisette
6/1/2017Teignworthy Spring Tide
6/1/2017Lost And Grounded Hop Hand Fallacy
6/1/2017The Kernel India Pale Ale Mosaic Galaxy El Dorado
6/1/2017Padstow Windjammer
6/1/2017Edwin Tuckerís Devonshire Prize Ale
6/1/2017New Lion Pandit IPA
5/18/2017Thornbridge / Brooklyn Serpent
5/18/2017Thornbridge Love Among the Ruins
5/18/2017Thornbridge The Heart Desires
4/11/2017Cloudwater Autumn Winter 2016 IPL - Vic Secret Comet
2/13/2017Teignworthy Russian Imperial Porter (Whisky Barrel Aged)
2/13/2017Edwin Tuckerís Empress Russian Porter
1/13/2017Robinsons Old Tom With Ginger / Ginger Tom (Bottle)
11/17/2016J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2008
11/13/2016J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2011: 25th Anniversary Version
10/23/2016Moor Stout
10/20/2016Moor Return Of The Empire
10/16/2016Cerne Abbas Ick Blonde (aka Bottle Blonde)
10/16/2016Teignworthy Marthaís Mild
10/16/2016Edwin Tuckerís Choice Old Walnut Brown
10/16/2016Edwin Tuckerís East India Pale Ale
10/7/2016Robinsons Old Tom With Chocolate / Chocolate Tom (Bottle)
9/8/2016Robinsons Old Tom (Bottle)