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4/1/2017Nickel Brook Café Del Bastardo
10/30/2016Great Lakes Brewery Karma Citra
8/9/2016Tawse Sparkling Cider
8/9/2016Stone City Ales Ampersand
8/9/2016Stalwart Bad Moon Rye Stout
8/9/2016Stalwart Dr. Feelgood
8/9/2016Great Lakes Brewery Sunnyside Session IPA
8/9/2016Muskoka Oak-Aged Cream Ale
8/9/2016Dominion City Morris Gose Missing
8/8/2016Beaus The Abominable Imp
8/8/2016Beaus Canis Dirus
8/7/2016Beaus Thirty-Three and A Third
8/7/2016Beaus Red, White (Wine), and Blue