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7/24/2017Frost Beer Works Hush-Hush
7/10/2017Frost Beer Works Dented Double IPA
6/24/201714th Star B-72
6/22/2017Zero Gravity Conehead IPA
6/22/2017Frost Beer Works VT Farmhouse Ale
6/8/2017Upper Pass Cloud Drop
6/6/2017Frost Beer Works Brown Ale
6/2/2017Frost Beer Works Coffee Porter
6/2/2017Frost Beer Works Slush Double IPA
5/25/2017Bent Hill Gracious Thoughts
5/23/2017Burlington Beer Single Hop IPA - Medusa
5/23/2017Long Trail Space Juice
5/18/2017Two Roads Two Juicy
5/15/2017Trout River Hangry Angler
5/13/2017Trout River Trout of Solace
5/13/2017Simple Roots Coffee by the Hearthside
5/12/2017Collective Arts Collective Project: IPA Project #2
5/8/2017Burlington Beer Peasant King
5/7/2017Frost Beer Works Vermont Rye Pale Ale
5/6/2017Lagunitas Davey Murray’s Best Scotch Ale
5/6/2017Zero Gravity VT Haze
5/6/2017Frost Beer Works More IIPA
5/4/2017Burlington Beer Light in the Window
4/25/2017Burlington Beer Single Hop IPA - Barbe Rouge
4/25/2017Foley Brothers Prawpah Ruby
4/21/2017Foley Brothers Stone Milled Ale
4/20/2017Idletyme Double Bock
4/19/2017Collective Arts Radio The Mothership
4/18/2017Burlington You Can’t Get There From Here (Key Lime & Kumquat)  
4/12/2017Frost Beer Works Lush Double IPA
4/11/201714th Star 11 Bravo
4/11/2017Collective Arts Ransack the Universe IPA
3/26/2017Frost Beer Works Double IPA (Research Series #207)
3/24/2017Frost Beer Works Vermont Maple Ale
3/22/2017Upper Pass First Drop
3/21/2017Burlington Beer Uncanny Valley
3/19/2017Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction
3/18/2017Upper Pass Moove on Up
3/17/2017Frost Beer Works Double IPA (Research Series #212)
3/17/2017Frost Beer Works / Prohibition Pig Frosty Pig IPA
3/15/2017Lost Nation Roll Away IPA
3/14/2017Drop-In Heart of Lothian
3/13/2017Burlington Beer It’s Complicated Being a Wizard
3/11/2017Bent Hill Valencia Lemon Ginger Imperial IPA
3/8/2017Burlington Beer Chasing Rabbits
3/7/2017Zero Gravity Choice Make Good
3/1/2017Fiddlehead Second Fiddle
2/24/2017Queen City Barge Canal
2/22/2017Queen City Hefeweizen
2/22/2017Idletyme Bavarian Hefeweizen
2/12/2017Frost Beer Works Black IPA Research Series
2/11/2017Frost Beer Works Flush DIPA
2/10/2017Zero Gravity Little Wolf
2/7/2017Burlington Beer Orbital Elevator
2/6/2017Burlington Beer Bee Keeper
2/4/2017Bent Hill Hoppy Table Saison
2/4/2017Bent Hill Double Coconut Porter
1/31/2017Burlington Beer I See The Vision (Prickly Pear & Passionfruit)
1/21/2017Foley Brothers Loco Moco
1/16/2017Burlington Beer Elaborate Metaphor
1/13/2017Frost Beer Works Plush
1/9/2017Simple Roots Pink Panther II
1/4/2017Bent Hill Graham Cracker Porter
12/18/2016Simple Roots Good Neighbor
12/16/2016Frost Beer Works Micro IPA
12/15/2016Switchback Connector IPA
12/9/2016Frost Beer Works West Coast Ale
12/9/2016Frost Beer Works Dark Hop Ale
12/7/2016Idletyme Pink N’ Pale
11/30/2016Frost Beer Works Stout
11/18/2016Bent Hill Lavender Porter
11/12/2016Ithaca Flower Power IPA
11/11/2016Frost Beer Works Double IPA (Research Series #62)
11/10/2016Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion Revolution No. 003
10/31/2016Burlington Beer Peasant Bread
10/17/2016Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout
10/14/2016Frost Beer Works Double IPA (Research Series #132)
9/20/2016Smuttynose Peach Short Weisse
9/14/2016Frost Beer Works Fall Ale
9/7/2016Frost Beer Works Some IIPA
9/7/2016Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen
9/7/2016Boyden Valley Winery Vermont Ice Cider
9/7/2016Burlington Beer Peach of Mind
9/6/2016Idletyme Idletyme
9/6/2016Bent Hill Single Hop Dr. Rudi IPA
8/28/2016Long Trail Smash Project #4 - Golden Promise/Citra
8/22/2016Trout River Vermont Single IPA
8/22/201621st Amendment Toaster Pastry
8/20/2016Idletyme Doubletyme
8/18/2016Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
8/16/2016Queen City Yorkshire Porter
8/13/2016Uinta Hop Nosh IPA - Tangerine
8/9/2016Allagash Sixteen Counties Ale (2016 - )
7/25/2016Frost Beer Works Junior IPA
7/25/2016Frost Beer Works Summer VT Wheat
7/8/2016Ommegang Game of Thrones #6 - Seven Kingdoms
7/7/2016Stone Corral Black Beer