Little Mountain Brewing Reviews

Little Mountain White Storm
On tap at brewpub
A fine cream ale was worth a visit to Little Mountain - now tucked away in a strip mall behind a carpet store. It has the same feel as the beers produced at the other location. While there may be other better beers down the road at Willoughby these at least show the hallmarks of someone who understands more than how to use a kit. Check them out if you are in the area and decide for yourself.

Aroma / Appearance - A caramel brown body shimmers in the pint glass. Caramel and nutmeg give it a nutty fruit feel along with seasonal winter spices.

Flavor / Palate - The gentle mouthfeel is deceptive for an 8% ABV release. Going down easy it contains a mixture of honey, almonds, cloves, and other spices. While it doesn’t have the bite or depth of a huge beer it was no problem to finish off in a reasonable amount of time. I’d go back to try a few more pours in a sampler.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Little Mountain Saint Graal
First and only rate. Eat a god damn dick! Nose of lemon, pear, honey, somewhat tart and funky, a little grain, mineral, and hay. Pours golden, not much in the way of head or bubbles. Flavors of moderately tart pear, lemon, honey, apple, grain, hay, and mineral. A bit of alcohol is there as well. Carbonation is low to non existent. Not a great effort.
Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Mountain KGB
750 ml bottle
I did not have high hopes for this release after a few visits to the brewery. More of a BYO it shows in the quality of the taps. While not flawed or infected they just have a homebrew feel as does this rather flat and timid imperial stout. This is one place in Cleveland I won’t miss all that much.

Aroma / Appearance - The thin pour is watery and leaves a black film all over the sides of the glass. Carbonation is evident with a close look. Dark chocolate, anise, smoke, and sweet cocoa butter are present yet somehow thinned down. Peanut butter brittle does not help improve things.

Flavor / Palate - A creamy texture of black olives almost made me pour the remaining bottle contents down the drain. Dark chocolate, plums, and a warm bitterness helped save it for a while. Een so something was off in a way that suggests it was not age. Scaled down it might make a fine regular stout but as an imperial it falls flat on its face. This is not one to try unless you must have them all.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Mountain Big Bang Boo
22 ounce bottle
I wanted to give this a shot after some positive experiences at the brewpub but it is just too weak and bland even despite the very low price point. Little Mountain is a fine place to in but for better beer head up the road to Willoughby instead, or pick up some local bombers of Brew Kettle or Buckeye.

Aroma / Appearance - The bronze carbonated body has a fizzy lingering head. Spiced pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and cloves are present but watered down as if the initial batch was too strong. The result is something that feels more like a soft drink than a seasonal ale.

Flavor / Palate - Watery and too fluid, the mouthfeel sloshes around like drinking a special flavor of Gatorade. Melted pumpkin pie flavored blizzard washes across the tongue with little to no texture. The tart finish makes me think it was a slightly bad bottle as well. Overall I’m not willing to write off Little Mountain but this is not the best start for a BYO trying to put itself on the map in a competitive location like northeastern Ohio.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Mountain Winter Wheat
First rating of this brewery. What not hoes? Nose is that of toasted wheat, a hint of darker fruit, light yeast esters - faint clove and banana. Mostly darker wheat malt, brown bread, a hint of roast. Pours dark brown with a nice lasting white/off white head. Flavors of toasted wheat, a little roast, a hint of chocolate, light bavarian yeast notes - a hint of banana and clove underneath. Not overly complex but lacking flaws. Some dark fruit shows up here and there with some light residual sugar. Not bad.
Tuesday, January 17, 2012