Hops and Barley Brewing Co. Reviews

Hops and Barley Brewing Mallard Bay Raspberry Wheat Ale
(12 oz bottle: Wine Time in La Jolla, CA) Found this one in the beer cooler at a wine store in La Jolla, and while it’s not the greatest fruit beer, considering I’m not real fond of raspberry wheats in general, this one isn’t bad. The nose jumps right out at you, and it’s very fruity, and clearly raspberry, as opposed to being perfumy, artificial and plasticy like many in this style. The flavor is less impressive, but again, the sweet raspberry flavor actually tastes like real raspberries. The wheat base is very light and hardly noticeable behind the fruit. There’s a mild bitterness in the finish, but hops seems almost like an afterthought here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing with this style of beer in my opinion. Light to medium in body, but it doesn’t seem watery or thin for the style. The color is pale golden and clear, but there’s plenty of darker particles suspended in the beer. Off-white head is very small out of the bottle, and within a few minutes, there’s no head, not even a rim around the edge. I just might have to get another bottle of this stuff to compare with Oxford Raspberry Wheat, a beer I remember liking quite a bit back when I lived in DC.
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hops and Barley Brewing Mallard Bay Red Ale
A murky brown appearance witha a whole bunch of sediment floating around. The aroma is very yeasty and nutty. The palate is a bit weak on this one. Some apples, caramel, and chocolate. Time has lended a certain Belgian quality to this beer. Pretty good overall.
Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hops and Barley Brewing Cranberry Cream
Chunky amber color with mountains of chunks circling the bottom of the glass like flesh eating sharks anticipating my next move...Flavor very similiar to cream soda and in actuality I might have a hard time telling the two apart, it would be interesting to know what the ABV is because it can’t be too high at all
Thursday, November 21, 2002

Hops and Barley Brewing Mallard Bay Red Ale
A very hoppy brew. I was quite pleased to find a brew from iowa. This is a hard to find brew, but i found it in cali, so i hope some others can find it becuase it is a very well crafted brew. Spicy with an almost nutty/ make that roasted nutty malt quality to it. I look forward to enjoying more from this brewery.
Wednesday, October 31, 2001