Harwells Steakhouse & Brewery Reviews

Harwells Porter
A complex porter. Black with no head. Aroma of coffee. Flavors of bitter coffee, port, and the aftertaste of an oatmeal stout.
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Harwells Coal Fired Stout
I've been to brewpubs with worse beer (e.g., O'Garas, Crescent City, Los Gatos), but none with a combination of bad beer and a total ignorance of the beer they serve. The only reason they the bartender knew this was a stout is because the word, Stout, is in the name of the beer! Average-sized, creamy, light-brown head. Fully opaque, black body. Excellent lacing. Flavor is very soft and dry. First impression was that it was amateurish, but it growns on you at mid-glass. A very average Stout.
Friday, May 9, 2003

Harwells Bob
Albeit Harwell's actual IPA was out, and none of the bartenders could identify a style for me on this beer called simply, "BOB", it tasted like an IPA to me. Very heavily hopped, and easily the best beer on tap that night among approximately 8 offerings. Harwell's makes below average beer, and their bartenders, by pushing customers out at 9:30pm on a Thursday, are in desperate need of a priority check. But Bob is pretty decent. Unique aroma with hints of stone (not smoked). Heavy hops also come through in the nose, laden with pine. Flavor is very sweet and hoppy. Appearance-wise, loses points for a promising lace that evaporates at mid glass. I sampled just about all of their beers, and this was the only drinkable one. No wonder the bartenders don't pay much attention to it.
Friday, May 9, 2003