Lagar Sidra Canal Reviews

Canal Sidra Natural
Botella. Resumen: Sidra asturiana. Color amarillo, acidez moderado, cuerpo ligero bien.
Sunday, December 11, 2016

Canal Sidra Natural
70cl bottle @some Sidrería in Oviedo. 20-12-2015.
BBD: 2014 crop. Batch: 18.
In short: average asturian cider.
Pours hazy greenish with vanishing vanishing white head. Funky, fruity, little brett nose. Light body, average carbonation, some crispy texture. Taste is fruity, swet, little tart, short fixed tartness, "fast" mosuthfeel. Ok cider, nothing wrong, but nothing amazing (Last batches of the year, waiting for the new ones)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sidra El Santu D.O.
70cl bottle @La Industrial, Oviedo. 20-07-2014.
Lote 64.
Quite dry and tart, apple, little fruity. Dry finish. Big "madre" (chunks of sediment).
Bottle @ Recinto Ferial de Mieres, 28-06-2016.
"Presentación Nueva cosecha sidra asturiana DOP 2015".
Nice, spicy finish.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sidra El Santu D.O.

Bottle @ Jimmy43s during their Sidre promo.
Poured for me by the lovely Spanish reps that Rowan brought along. They even got on me for not slurping it down immediately. Love it. Poured into a thin, wide, official Asturias, stubby pint glass.

Tall, forced, pour. Seltzer fizz. Hazy Pale wheat body.
Yeasty, vanilla nose, accentuated by the strong pour.
Tart & dry right off the bat. Tangy, earthy, & a touch soapy. Mild on the usual lemon. Apple peel & light yeast on the finish. I can’t glug 4 ounces over & over of anything funky, without getting a little nauseous, but the palate was definitely buffed up by the forced pour. A pleasant finishing dryness, & with it, more stamina.

Not too crazy or flagrantly wild. A little tired of that actually. Haven’t seen it on shelves yet, so it was probably somewhat fresh considering. Appreciated.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sidra El Santu D.O.
29/11 0.70 l bottle (interesting Asturian standard for sidra natural) @Sidreria Asturias, Oviedo. It poured hazy pale yellow body with particles inside and a regular, medium sized head. Strong, very sharp sour apple aroma. Flavor was sour, plain clean apples without any cork, leather or stray notes. Seemed like thinner in body, although tasty. Long, sour apple finish, like you ate few of them before they were ripe. A simple but very pleasant cider.
Sunday, December 16, 2012

Canal Sidra Natural
Bottled. Attempted to pour out traditionally. Hazy greenish yellow colour. Aroma of sour apple and leather. Flavour is medium sour apple, leather, hint of wood. Sour and dry finish. Nice one.
Sunday, September 13, 2009