Pyramid Brewer's Handle Farmhouse Ale - Peppercorn

Pyramid Breweries (Cervecería Costa Rica - FIFCO)
Seattle, Washington
Beer style: Bière de Garde
Ref: ratebeer.com Oct2018

Common descriptors are
Atleast brewed in Walnut Creek, by the Berkeley Brew Team on March 27th 2009 - no information on other brews. 2 Row Pilsen and Wheat malt, Mt Hood and Saaz hops. OG 12.8 Plato, FG 4.15 Plato. 32 IBU’s.

This interesting and unique interpretation of Farmhouse Ale has the ussual characteristics found in the style; slightly elevated carbonation, a creamy soft texture, citric sourness, and noticeable spicy notes. We have added white peppercorn during fermentation which imparts an enjoyable dose of pepper sensations in both nose and mouthfeel. Yes, this is a cold beer with a distinct heat in the finish - meant to be enjoyed during the long days of summer.