2012 CBC Symposium San Diego Pale Ale

Karl Strauss Brewing Company
San Diego, California
Beer style: IPA - Imperial / Double
Ref: ratebeer.com Jan2019

Common descriptors are
Brewed for the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference.
The folks at Karl Strauss Brewing Company have teamed up with the San Diego Brewers Guild to brew a special Symposium Ale, as is traditional at Craft Brewers Conference. Not surprisingly, attendees can expect a big, flavorful hoppy beer, brewed in the spirit of San Diego.
The beer is named “San Diego Pale Ale,” with a healthy dose of understatement, as this double IPA weighs in at a hefty 10 percent ABV. Naturally, the beer couldn’t represent its hometown without significant quantities of hops—Columbus, Citra, Crystal and Columbia are all used to give the beer some classic West coast flavor.