Monkey Paw / AleSmith Ashes from the Grave

Monkey Paw Brewing
San Diego, California
Beer style: Smoked
Ref: ratebeer.com Nov2018

Common descriptors are
Smoked Brown. Collaboration between AleSmith and Monkey Paw.

Ashes From the Grave has risen! Ashes From the Grave is a full bodied, rich, smoky, and chocolaty brown ale. The beer pours with a creamy chocolate head, and kicks off aromas of chocolate, biscuit, sweet smoke, and caramel. The flavor is big, bready, and the mouthfeel is round and luscious. This beer was a collaboration with Bill Batten from Alesmith, and we couldn’t love this beer more. Stay tuned next year for the sequel, Monkey From the Crypt!