Holm Oak Vintage Cider

Holm Oak Vineyards
Rowella, Tasmania, Australia
Beer style: Cider
Ref: ratebeer.com Dec2018

Common descriptors are
This limited release cider is made by the winemakers at Holm Oak Vineyards using the heritage variety Sturmer Pippin. This apple has intense flavour and good acidity which makes it perfect for cider production. This cider has been made using traditional methods. The juice was pressed and transferred to old oak barrels for natural fermentation. Following a maturation period of about 4 months the cider was then bottled without additives and with a small sugar addition to allow for bottle conditioning. The cider has then been left on lees for 12 months to impart a rich creamy texture to the cider. The resulting cider is full of fresh apple flavours, but has great complexity and charm as a result of our traditional cider making techniques. This cider is preservative free.