Emerson's Brewer's Reserve Arawa Gold

Emerson's Brewing Company (Lion Breweries - NZ)
Dunedin, New Zealand
Beer style: IPA
Ref: ratebeer.com Oct2018

Common descriptors are
We thought wed go back to our roots with this crisp refreshing pale ale. Everybody enjoyed our Kruger Gold lager so much we wanted to brew an ale version. Crisp with a classic clean malt profile and a lingering bitterness. Whereas Kruger was brewed using the classic European Saaz hop and a Czech lager yeast, we have brewed Arawa Gold with Styrian Goldings and an ale yeast. The differences are subtle but this ale is slightly more fruity on the nose and has an aroma of grassiness from the dry hopping. The Styrian hop lends a crisp citrus finish to Arawa, perfect for the long summer days here in Dunedin - and like this pint - ahem, when we get those days we make the most of them! Due to the incredible amount of dry hopping you will notice a slight haze when the beer is cold. This is classic "chill haze". We could have added a few "brewers goodies" to eliminate this but have left Arawa as it came out of the tank - full of flavour and tap fresh. Enjoy an Emersons Summer with Arawa Gold.