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Sep 2005 TheBeerGod Christoffer sent me some hard to get bottles of Cantillon Cuvee du 89. Shipped in a styro-container, these arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Recommedned to all. Thanks again!
Aug 2005 radiomgb In my first trade with Christoffer, he sent me 1-Cantillon Cuvée du 89, 1-Girardin Gueuze White Label, 1-Thisted Limfjords Porter/Double Brown Stout and threw in 1-Jack-Op as an extra. Thanks again for the trade Christoffer.
Jul 2004 Flipbrewer Delivered in person by Christoffer who was vacationing with his family in San Francisco recently... B^) I got the following Danish brews, some of which have yet to be rated from this side of the world: Carls Porter, Limfjords Porter, Ørbæk Påskebryg, Herslev Bryghus Pale Ale, and Refsvindinge Mors Stout. These are going to be quite enjoyable. Thanks Christoffer! Skål!
Jul 2004 Dorwart Package recieved from Denmark in mangled box but contents securely packed and intact. Damn Postal service! Received 1 Vikingernes Mjød, 1 Brøckhouse IPA, 1 Bornholmerbryg Mørk Guld, 1 Nils Oscar Barley Wine and 1 Thisted Limfjords Porter. Yum Yum! Thanks Christoffer!
May 2004 zach8270 Arrived very quickly and well packaged, although sadly one of them (Brockhouse Rod) was broken. All others arrived in great shape. Thanks! Package included Brockhouse IPA, Carlsberg Semper Ardens Abbey Ale and Criollo Stout, Bornholmerbyrg (Classic), Thirsted Limfjords Porter/Double Brown Stout, Orbaek Half & Half and Orbaek Bock Beer. mmm good!