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Nov 2011 crosamich We worked on our trade for weeks, no rush, no hardcore "negotiations"-we just kept adding to it until he sent 10 bottles to my 8. Big beers involved on both sides. Great trade. Would definitely work something with John in the future.
Oct 2011 Plovmand Axilla responded to a thread in the trade forum and we traded some lambics for some very interesting US beers. Quick response and amazing packaging. Thanks!!
Apr 2011 jbeatty Set up a trade with John for a 50ºN-4ºE. I’m very happy, everything went super smoothly with great communication throughout. Thanks!
Oct 2010 ygtbsm94 Met John for another in-person trade. He brought a growler of Selins Grove Phoenix Kriek. Thanks John for hooking me up with more of this outstanding brew. "Beer is Good Food"
Aug 2010 fbm115 I put out in ISO for some Upland Lambics and John hooked me up. Great communication and great packaging. Highly recommended trader. Thanks for my first trade on RB John!
May 2010 sideshowe Put out an ISO for a huge want (Splinter Gold). John came through with an in-person (sort of) swap. Very accomodating and great communication. Thanks again.
Mar 2010 gunhaver Quick and easy trade with John, he sent the two agreed upon beers and a real nice bonus. Packaged very well. Good job!
Aug 2009 ygtbsm94 Met John just off the I-695 & 40 exit in Baltimore for an In-person trade! He brought a very tasty growler of Selins Grove Phoenix Kriek. Thanks John for the wonderful growler and doing all the leg work getting this brew. Hope to share a brew with soon! “Beer is Good Food”
Jul 2009 imadeadguy John sent me a BA Fat Dog and an extra of Avery Barbrant. Quick easy trade here and would do again anytime. Huge thanks again!
Jul 2009 cloudskipper John and I are doing a 12-bottle styro shipped fill-up trade, and he sent me some awesome beers. Lots of Bullfrog, the entire Iron Hill lambic set, Ithaca Brute and McKenzie Grisette. Awesome box! Thanks again, sir.

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