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Jun 2013 McTapps We got sent a great packed box with mostly interesting and nice beers.The contact was and is very friendly, also very fast and sincere.Would love to trade with him anytime again.
Oct 2011 bierkoning In person trade with MiP @ Borefts Beer festival. He gave me a solid pack filled with impossible to get beers, mostly from Denmark. Cheers mate, hope to meet you again soon.
Oct 2008 bierkoning In person trade in Den Bosch. Michael provided me with excellent German and Danish beers and a small can from Union in Jumet. Thank you for an excellent trade!
Aug 2008 yngwie All for free, MiP brought me some Germans I hadn’t tasted. Thx a lot for the generousity!
Mar 2008 bierkoning Person to person trade in front of my door. MiP, on his way to Sint Niklaas, brought me some fine beers from Denmark and Germany. Thanks, Michael, hope everything worked out well in Belgium.
Aug 2007 bierkoning 50+ beers from Denmark and Germany safely brought by MiP in his yellow Volkswagen packed with beers. A generous trade with beers hard to find in the Netherlands. Thanks a lot, Michael!
May 2007 yngwie Michael kindly provided me with a bunch of German Bock-biers, including some doppelbocks, at this face-to-face trade. We met up in a windy and cold street in Flensburg and checked each others beers, and I got the impression we both left happy. Always nice to have some beers with you as well Michael.
May 2007 yngwie We agreed on some German beers Michael had spare bottles, I think it was 9, and that worked out just fine. The trade was set up in a hurry, and I got the beers from him when we met at the Aalborg gathering in march, and I was to bring him the beers at the Copenhagen Beer-festival. Micheal even brought me some more beers there. Nice trade, Michael.
Jan 2007 bierkoning 30 Danish and Northern German goodies, brought to me by MiP to Van der Valk at the A1 highway near Hengelo. He went through enormous stormwinds to deliver the beers. Hope you got to Utrecht save and sound! Perfect communication, very good choices of beers.