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Jun 2014 jtclockwork Received a killer box from my hockey pool in person. Great meeting you! Thanks for the New Glarus, Melange, Beuregarde and other solid beers!
Mar 2014 OKBeerFan Completed a trade with John which was incredible. Originally set up the trade for a case of BCBBW for Beatification, Darkness, my last 2 Pirate Bombs as well as several other Prairie beers and COOP beers. There was an issue when he went back to his office to pick up the case of BCBBW and he messaged me offering me his last 10 bottles of his personal stash plus choices from other great options.
Feb 2014 umich03jm Responded to John’s ISO for some limited Kuhnhenn and he sent me a great box back. He also happened to get assigned as my Secret Santa during our trade and sent me the best box I could ask for. Very generous. Thanks.
Jan 2014 phaleslu John hooked me up with a much-needed box of Perennial. Packed like a champ, always great communication. Dazzling eyes. Boyish smile. Cheers, John!
Jan 2014 joromiller John is a MF P-I-M-P!!! Destroyed my porch with an unbelievable box. If a month goes by and we don’t trade again, it’ll be too long. Cheers friend!!
Aug 2013 oyamac Completed a trade with John a few days ago. Although he shipped out a bit late, he made up for it with extras. Would definitely trade with John again. Thank you for the trade!
Jul 2013 mixmasterob Unreal box from this dude for Summer Secret Santa. Tons of wants and rarities.
Jun 2013 ksurkin John sent another crazy ass box for Ratebeer brackets. Dark Lord, Abyss, Bruery rarities. amazing stuff. cheers!
Mar 2013 phaleslu John hooked me up with BA Sump. Top-notch trader, not that he needs my endorsement. Also, one of the nicest guys in the world to drink with. Also, incredibly handsome. Thanks, John, and go Billikens!
Dec 2012 ksurkin John sent an incredible box for Secret Santa this year. one of the best i’ve ever received full of WL beer, favorite styles, and rarities. cheers and happy holidays, my friend!

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