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Dec 2010 nimbleprop Ken and I set up an easy trade where I sent him some Nightstalker and he sent me Abyss. If that wasn’t enough he CRUSHED me with extras. The box was perfectly packed. Can’t thank Ken enough. I’m awaiting another opportunity to trade with Ken.
Dec 2010 IndianaRed Nimbleprop sent his box immediately while I was stil trying to get my act together. Even though one of the "throw-ins" broke (exploded or froze from the looks of it) everything was packed well and the plastic bag everything was in kept nosey shippers from getting wise. Andrew is a patient and generous trader.
Jul 2007 unclejedi Outstanding box of Northwestern treasures from Ken. The primary beers for the trade were Fullsail Black Gold and a Deschutes Abyss. The rest of the beers were unspecified in the trade, with only a value to be met. Ken included more than enough and lots of things that were new to me. The box seemed bottomless, like an Abyss, and I think I got everything out. Included were 3 more from Deschutes
Feb 2007 drewbeerme wow what a trade! Ken sent me 5 Deschutes Abyss, 1 Full Sail Black Gold BA Imperial Stout, 1 2003 Alaskan Smoked Porters, 1 2002 Full Sail Old Boardhead and extras of 2003 Bigfoot, grand teton old faithful, and deschutes brown ale. thanks ton!
Nov 2006 OhioDad Wow Ken outdid himself this time!! I got 22oz bottles of Full Sail Vesuvius, Port Townsend IPA, Elysian Pumpkin, FishTale 10 squared, Deschutes Anniv Pils, Pike XXXXX Stout, and an 02 Old Boardhead, also hidden in the well packed box were Maritime Jolly Roger Christmas, NB 2 Below, an 02 Bigfoot, Full Sail IPA, and Snake River Zonker, But then I pulled out the best prize of all 01 BA Leviathon!!
Sep 2006 tever Ken sent me a huge box of 14 excellent beers. The highlights were 2 Full Sail Black Gold BA Imp Stouts and 2 homebrews. On top of that he sent an awesome assortment of more Full sails, deschutes porters and ales, Elysian ESB, Northern lights, Buzzsaw and even threw in an Allagash Triple! and a Stoudts.Great guy and an Excellent trader. Highly recommend you do a trade with Ken. Thanks again man!
Sep 2006 lukin013 Unpacked a giant box of 16 beers from Ken! Deschutes black butte porter, obsidian stout, bachelor esb, buzzsaw brown, mirror pond pale ale, and twilight ale... new belgium skinny dip, big sky IPA, elysian immortal IPA, grand teton bitch creek esb, left hand black jack porter... full sail IPA, sunspot IPA, equinox, amber ale and a 2003 old boardhead barleywine! Great trade! Thanks a lot Ken.
Aug 2006 kenb Ken and I did a mystery swap and he sent some cool stuff packed VERY well. I got a Thirsty Dog Sib Night Imp Stout (my favorite beer), a Full Sail Black Gold Imp Stout, Left Hand Blackjack Porter & Milk Stout, Zonker Stout,Big Sky Summer Honey, IPS, moose Drool, Snake river pale, Bitch Creek esb, Snake River pale, Northern lights amber. Thanks Ken!
May 2006 sloth My first trade with Ken went very well, cept for my flakeyiness, sorry man. Ken delivered as promised 2 bombers of Full Sail Black Gold Impy Stout! 1 Deschutes Hop Henge, Twilight Gold Ale and Buzzsaw Brown, Not to mention Grand Teton Amber, Pale + ESB! Awsome packaging and a timely delivery! Ken,s a helluva nice guy to deal with also. Highly reccomended! Thanks man!
May 2006 CaptainCougar Ken sent me a nicely packed box with two bottles of Full Sail Black Gold Bourbon and one Equinox, a big 1L Grand Teton Black Cauldron Imperial Stout, Deschutes Inversion IPA, and Full Sail Old Boardhead with Full Sail Vesuvius, Snoqualmie Falls Harvest Moon Festbier, and two bottles of homebrew as extras. A very nice assortment of beers. Thanks again Ken!

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