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Jul 2012 bierkoning Once again a big box filled with great beers from Finland and surrounding countries. Thanks Timo, for another great trade.
Nov 2011 bierkoning We have traded beers more than 10 times and every time Timo sends a box filled with hard to find beers, most of them from Finland. Stadin Panimo, Beer Hunters Pori, you name it. Great box from a great trader.
Apr 2011 bierkoning a fine package filled with mainly Finnish brews, including the Mufloni Single Hop Series. Looking forward to tasting it!
Jan 2011 bierkoning Another lovely package from Timo, with very hard to find Finnish beers and kvass from Estonia. Thanks!
Oct 2010 bierkoning Lovely package with Estonian, Finnish and other beers from Timo. Thanks!
Jun 2010 bierkoning As always a great packge from Timo. Beers from Estonia, Finland and Sweden, some of them hard to find. Already saving beers for our next trade.
Nov 2009 bierkoning Another solid package from Timo, containing special beers from Finland, Sweden, Danmark (newest Mikkeller releases) and Britain. Looking forward to the 100+ IBU Finnish beer. We’ve had many trades and it won’t be our last!
Jul 2009 bierkoning 7th trade, solid as ever and solidly shipped in a heavy box. Lots of Finnish micro’s, some German, British and a Mikkeller made my mouth water. Thanks mate!
May 2009 bierkoning 6th trade (I think) with Timo. 20 kilogrammes of solid Finnish and Britsh beers and a Czech, Swedish and German to add to the European character. Well packed in a cardboard shipper. Thanks Timo!
Jan 2009 bierkoning 17 kilogrammes packed with Finnish and Brit beers and two Ayingers arrived from Pori, with the compliments of Timo. 2 or 3 bottles, although well packed in bubble wrap, didn’t survive the trip. We have to blame the cold temperatures in both Finland and the Netherlands for that. Thanks Timo! Looking forward to our next trade.

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