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Jan 2005 TheBeerSommelier Knowing how much I love barleywines, Scott hooked me up with a Hog Heaven and a Samichlaus. Both will age very nicely and make perfect additions to "The Cellar." Thanks Scotty!
Oct 2004 joeybgood Skaughty sent some tasty Georgia treats my way. 4 bombers of Dogwood ImpPorter, 12oz’ers of Dogwood PaleAle and Winter Ale as well as 12’ers SweetWater 420 XPaleAle and Sweet Georgia BrownAle. It was a pleasure trading with a devoted beer lover AND a devoted father. He’s a great guy to trade with. Thanks Scott
Sep 2004 Dogbrick 1 - Dogwood Imperial Porter
1 - Sweetwater 420
1 - Sweetwater Sweet Georgia Brown
1 - Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock

(Sent 1 AleSmith J.P. Grays Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, 1 CBC Pale Ale in return).
Thanks a bunch!
Sep 2004 SpringsLicker Scott did a beer run for me, saving me a trip to Atlanta and all the time and hassle of the beer hunt I needed to make for some trades. Yeah, we exchanged a few gifts too, but don’t all the RateBeerians do that anyway?? Thanks a million and enjoy!!!