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Feb 2015 Reminyze Second trade with Mel. He sent me a wonderful package filled with so many Irish beers and ciders, as well as great Berlin beers which are not available here. Plus a new country tick and some USA beers. Perfect packaging, very fast shipping, perfect selection. Absolutely recommeded trader.
Mar 2014 Beersiveknown Mel very kindly dropped 5 bottles of German stuff for me in brewdock and I finally managed to collect at the weekend. Very generous and all new to me. Thanks a lot
Feb 2014 Reminyze Mel sent me in our first trade 22 bottles of awesome beers from Berlin, Ireland, N.Ireland and the rest of Germany which I wouldn’t have got in another way. They were handpicked from him and each one made me very happy. Communications with Mel were easy, fast and nice and he even sent his beers that fast. They were perfectly packed and he even added a small extra - WOW! I am very impressed an
Apr 2013 Dedollewaitor In person trade. Great extras. Hooked me up with Uerige seasonals and locals. Awesome! Thanks Mel.