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Nov 2015 Maltser85 Completed a quality trade with Seymour. Good communication and quick shipper. Great extras as well! Thanks!
Jul 2012 smith4498 Got a box from seymour for Summer secret Santa 2012. A nice mix of locals, a few from Russia and one from Korea. Excellent packing. Thanks man!
Jun 2012 weihenweizen Received the agreed upon beers. Some wanted wheat beers, a home brew, some additional locals, and a blue moon extra. Well packaged.
May 2012 daknole Seymour hooked it up! Great guy. Thanks!!!
May 2012 Rosebud butternuts seymour hooked me up with some brews just because he is awesome like that. Thanks for the brews!!!
May 2012 brentfeesh Seymour worked out a nice easy trade with me. He shipped me some locals, home brew and this thing "Lvivske Bilyj Lev"...Krazy. Anyway, packaging was solid (including the macaroni to cover any slushing noise), communication timely, and I’m happy with new beer to rate! Thanks!
Mar 2012 CanIHave4Beers Seymour, an upstanding gentleman of the highest order was so kind to have sent me a box of MO locals from a few breweries we don’t see in Iowa. He kindly sent along an extra beer I’m quite excited to try that he made himself, a Marmalade Saision! Thanks!
Feb 2012 zielimac Recent live trades- Samuel Adams Imperial Stout, Leffe Brune, Crown Valley Antique Amber, plus three homebrews: Dutch Pale Ale, Marmalade Saison, Roasted Wheat Dunkelweizen. The last one belongs in production at Lagunitas!
Feb 2012 Ibrew2or3 Seymour ROCKS it by sending me a happy CAT 5 hurricane proof box with six different 24oz malt liquor cans as well as a sweet S. Korean tick, a beauty of a homebrew and a Crown Valley amber. Thanks a ton Seymour. Great trade, great packing, great trader. I’d be happy to do another one. Cheers!
Feb 2012 gregwilsonstl Recent in-person trades from seymour: Big Sky Powder Hound, Alaskan Smoked Porter, Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Brown, Goose Island India Pale Ale, Larine Grand 95, Pyramid Apricot, Hite, Moosehead, Cain’s Dark Mild and Cains Finest Bitter, Ayinger Ur-Weisse, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel, Schlafly Rye Bock, Crown Valley Antique Amber, Toña, Hamms, plus several homebrews. Lots of style