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Feb 2014 time4lunch What a fantastic guy to have the opportunity to trade with. Pleasant to deal with and very fair with superb packing. Round 2, here we come
Sep 2013 ygtbsm94 Received my Local Swap 5 ½ box from Matt. He sent a shit load of goodies from Red Brick to include Old Stock, The Lost Years, Anniversary 17 & 20, and Dog Days Ale. Also included were Swamphead Darkwater, Real Ale Brewers Cut, and a vintage bottle of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2003. Thanks Matt for all the fantastic brews and hope to do it again in the future! “Beer is Good Food”
Aug 2013 Jesterdeal Great experience with a local haul BIF. Great communication, bomb-proof packaging, and a generous assortment of locals, including a local Floridian trappist ale called Westvletern 12. Hmmmmm. Don’t hesitate to do business with this guy :)
Mar 2012 jackl My in person trade with Matt went very smoothly. He hooked me up with some great Belgian beers and very generously bought some bottles to share. All around excellent trader. I look forward sharing a few in Copenhagen!
Sep 2011 Koelschtrinker Matt brought me two different batches of the La Trappe Oak Aged and is looking for other ones tso that I can hopefully complete them. Thanks!
Sep 2011 konstifik Matt hooked me up with a bottle of KBS at an in-person trade in Brussels. Great communications all the way through and great extras. Thanks for a nice trade Matt!
Aug 2011 Madirish76 Easy trade with Matt!! 4 Westy 12’s for 2 Plinys and 1 Knuckle Sandwich and 1 Double jack. A Belgian for West Coast IPA trade...Cant wait for the next trade with him!!
Aug 2011 wavers1 Great trade with matt, he sends me 4 westy 12’s and bonuses 2 westy 8’s. Easy to work with, great trader. Cheers!
May 2011 khumbard Matt comes through big time as always. Thanks for another awesome trade!
Apr 2011 Vaison Although international, his stuff arrives just as quickly as someone in the states. I was blown away by what he put in my shipment and I hope to trade with him again.

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