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Apr 2013 lionsandbeer Big trade (for me at least) with adam. Midwest beers/meads for sours and cigar city brews. I don’ think adam could have fit any more sours or ccb in the box. I think I have the whole ccb lineup to try. easy negotiation, good packaging. would trade with adam again.
Feb 2013 FrostyTiger Got a great box today from Adam. Great packaging. Lots of Cigar City and some other gems that I’ve been wanting to try. Also, these lambic baskets rule so make sure to contact Adam if you want to purchase some of these. Thanks Adam!
Jan 2013 GODiSSOUTHERN Very prompt and well secured package sent. Some amazing extras that I have wanted to try for a long time. Excellent trade and would not hesitate to trade with crosamich again!
Dec 2012 jackl Awesome trader. Adam hooked me up with some great beer and surprised me with some truly cool extras. Top man, top trader.
Dec 2012 AdamChandler I order some Lambic baskets from this guy and next thing you know, we’re swapping some delicious and amazing beers in a $4$ trade. I had fun bantering with Adam and he shipped out my baskets & beers the same day we chatted!
Dec 2012 Brewthusiast Awesome first trade with Adam! Super fast shipping, great packing, and some amazing extras (I definitely owe him one) Highly recommended!
Aug 2012 phaleslu Adam followed up on last year’s trade by delivering 3 more bottles to my door: Melange #1 and a couple Maduros. Super nice guy. Thanks again, Adam!
Apr 2012 Amnesia87 Adam hooked me up with a huge box of Belgians ^_^, buncha Cantillons and other goodies. Easy trade and great extras. Definately hope we trade again.
Apr 2012 javit Adam is a stellar trader who hooked me up twice while he was overseas!
Apr 2012 mikey711 Had a great trade with adam a couple months back. Very easy to deal with and patient when delays were encountered. Would absolutely trade with him again!

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