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Jun 2017 weihenweizen Second in person trade in June. I was not expecting more beer, but landed more. Landed a hefeweizen and a nice peach gose I had not rated and lots more VA ticks.
Jun 2017 weihenweizen First of two in person trades in June. This guy traded a six pack of Upland sours, a witbier I have been hoping to get for a couple years, and a fair amount of ticks.
Dec 2016 weihenweizen Another nice trade for some wheat beers a New Glarus Belgian Red and others. Well packed and another nice trade.
Sep 2016 weihenweizen Another nice trade. Received a small box double boxed and bomb resistant. With surgical precision he nailed three cellar wants.
Jul 2016 blutt59 Exceptionally good trade for some unrated New Glarus and a Schorschbach! always well packed and easy to work out the details. Thanks again
Jul 2016 weihenweizen Another nice box with New Glarus and wheat beers. Expertly packed. Another nice trade.
Jun 2016 weihenweizen Another nice box. Several nice unrated wheat beers, a top 50 hefe, cellar wants, and some extras.
May 2016 Ibrew2or3 Roger just sends me a box with barleywines and other goodies because. . . well he’s cool like that. Awesome box. Thanks Roger.
Apr 2016 weihenweizen Another great trade. Unrated wheat beers, nice locals, and a nice Upland sour. This guy is super generous. I joked about him sending me a Dark Lord if he had one laying around, and I ended up with one.
Dec 2015 weihenweizen Another nice trade well packed. Landed an Upland sour, a cellar want, and a nice extra.

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