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Feb 2015 milsem It’s always a treat to trade with Balder, he has hooked me up with several hard to get US beers. Always include great extras. I look forward to our next trade :)
Aug 2014 Jazzmann Did an IP trade with Balder. Great guy and a great trade. Would trade with him again!
Aug 2014 MUGTR Great trade and great guy - enjoyed meeting up in Copenhagen!
May 2014 _angst_ IP trade @ CBC by proxy. Simple 1 for 1 trade for an interesting bottle that’ll be shared at a future tasting. Balder is friendly and simple to deal with. Highly recommended trader.
Sep 2013 mashmaster Another epic trade with Frederik! A box full of amazing rare sours. I can’t say enough good things about this trader! He is the man!
Sep 2013 Reminyze Balderbitch sent me a well-packed box in the European Beer Trade Vol.2. The beer selection was nice-chosen, shipping was very fast. The beers were great and safely packed. Enjoyed the box. Recommended trader.
Jun 2013 mashmaster Fredrik knocked it out of the park again. He sends me a much wanted rare sour and a bunch of other great beer. Quick shipment (six days from Sweden), great packaging and fantastic communication. Can’t wait for our fourth trade!
Mar 2013 gyllenbock Had an IP-trade in Stockholm last fall. Balder is a great guy who is a very reliable trader. It was nice to meet you Fredrik. Thanks a lot!
Mar 2013 LoPo87 Had a wonderful first international trade experience with Fredrik! Great communication, a fair trade on both ends, and he helped tick 2 beers I never thought I would get my hands on. Really looking forward to another trade in the future, thanks again!
Feb 2013 mashmaster Balder hooks me up again! 3F Framboos is now in my cellar thanks to a great trader from across the pond! Already looking forward to our next trade!

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