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Mar 2017 Homer321 Justin destroyed my porch with 35 pounds of epic California beer. A total overkill of Bruery and Libertine 750s packed like a pro. This guy rocks!
May 2016 phaleslu Justin answered my trade with a counter offer that was even better. Shipped quickly, communicated perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better trade or trader. Thanks, and cheers!
Mar 2016 Homer321 Justin loaded me up yet again with two boxes from the Bruery, expertly timed to arrive in time for some weekend drinking. Thanks again!
Mar 2016 Homer321 Does Justin pay me to leave feedback? No. Does he send me way too many boxes? Yes. Is it my fault? Yes. Another box delivered with a huge Firestone Walker want beer as a bronus. Thanks!
Jan 2016 Homer321 Well by now this amount of trade feedback is starting to get absurd. Justin sent along another two boxes of bruery stuff. Packed like a pro and always beer that makes me smile.
Dec 2015 Homer321 A Second box of Cali love! Two in one day. Justin rocks!
Dec 2015 Homer321 So, I’m hoping someone else gets a trade in with Justin because it looks like he is paying me to leave feedback :) Another great box full of Bruery and Libertine
Aug 2015 Homer321 Justin sends me a huge box of California lovin! A great guy in the RB community! Thanks!
Jun 2015 bytemesis Yep, Justin rules. Great guy and a true asset to RateBeer
May 2015 Homer321 Ok, I promise Justin is not paying me to leave positive trade feedback. I mention that our new house has a pool, and this guy sends me a twelve pack of Cali canned beer to drink poolside! Truly a nice and generous guy! And on top of that he tossed in two awesome bottles wants just to fill the box! Thanks!

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