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Apr 2015 ClarkVV Bill graciously traded me a vertical of Blabaer and was one of the easiest I’ve ever dealt with for such a high profile/value trade. As if that wasn’t enough, he threw in 2 very, very rare, sought after extras. As the saying goes, if you get the opportunity to trade with Bill, you should.
Jan 2015 ygtbsm94 Wow, Bill hooked me up in a big way! Received a motherload of Crooked Stave and Casey Blending and Brewing along with a tasty extra Tahoe Récolte Du Bois. Thanks Bill for the fantastic trade and boat load of brews. “Beer is Good Food”
Oct 2014 richiesd bill doesn’t really need any feedback but we did a quick swap of some locals that went down without a hitch as expected. bill’s a good guy :)
Aug 2014 Scopey The man, the myth, the legend... This was my first international trade with Bill after meeting him IP plenty times in the past. He sent me a ton of Crooked Stave stuff that will no doubt keep me happy for months to come. Twas a pleasure!
Feb 2014 Anker Had a in person trade with Bill at Sour & Bitter in Cph. Bill throw in a rare Cantillon for a couple of good old 3 Fonteinen. Im thrilled, thanks man lets do a sequel some day.
Aug 2013 JAXSON Bill was easy to trade with as always. He sent some cool geuze and local stuff, nice extras, great packing. A pleasure!
Aug 2013 ygtbsm94 Bill hooked me up with wonderful brews! Received Eylenbosch Gueuze 92, Eylenbosch Kriek 94, and 3 Fonteinen Geuze 1963. Gotta love getting some old musty vintage brews to drink! Thanks Bill for the fantastic trade. “Beer is Good Food”
Aug 2013 Kristophe I’ve done a couple of trades with Bill by now and I’ll highly recommend him to anyone. If you are ever in search of anything and you can’t find it anywhere, Bill is your man. One of the best traders I’ve ever come across. Cheers for many trades to come!
Mar 2013 Keir I won Bill’s FBW contest and he sent me 2 Crooked Stave bottles. Really excited about this and can’t wait to share them. Thanks Bill!
Feb 2013 Ludvig Great trade involving some whales. safely packing and a funny guy, generous and above all patient! looking forward to some trading in the future!

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