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Aug 2014 Glouglouburp Nate and I crossed path once again, this time in Pennsylvania. So may as well do an IP trade. And just like the time before Nate had some crazy cool super-limited beers from Bullfrog and Tired Hands, I wish our paths would cross more often. Thanks a ton Nate.
Dec 2013 pushkinwow Great trade with Nate, IP at Capones on Black Friday. Got a couple of Splinters that I had wanted to try and shared a couple of beers (although we may have already been a couple of sheets to the wind). Would gladly trade with him again.
Aug 2013 bobertkuekn I got my Voodoo fix from Nate in a great trade for both of us. I really enjoyed the Selin’s Grove Kriek and Pizza Boy Sour Apple growlers, too. We had great communication and came to a deal easily. I’d certainly trade with Nate again.
Jul 2013 MikeLuke23 Did a nice trade for some Tired Hands stuff. Lots of extra’s! Great communication, great trader.
May 2013 Glouglouburp A great hook-up from Nate. Some much wanted Tired Hands HandFarm, Guillemot Nebula, Bullfrog Oud 15 and more... Wow, so many great beers. See you around Nate!
Dec 2012 BMart Did a local IP trade with Nate over a few Pizza Boy Brewing beers. Nate is a great guy with a vast knowledge of the craft scene. Has a great cellar of beers that I hope to pick from again some time in the future.
Jun 2011 daknole Nathan’s first trade on RB is perfection! Sends a 2007 Cable Car--WOW! And great extras, perfect packaging. Bravo! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!