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Nov 2016 Travlr Matt sent me a great box of beer! Excellent condition of course. Hill farmstead, Tree House, OEC, more - holy cow! A true pleasure. Cheers!
Oct 2016 Huhzubendah Great package from Matt. Easy communication and exchange. I’d happily trade again.
Jul 2016 bytemesis Matt BM’ed me out of the blue basically asking if I might want a bunch of amazing beers. After changing my shorts, I said yes and that was pretty much that. Matt is an awesome trader, hands down.
Feb 2016 wchesser Nice little IP trade with Matt while I was in town on a business trip. Easy going and a nice guy! Thanks, Matt-hope to have time for a beer next time!
Feb 2016 Prufrockstar Matt sent me a great box of goodies from the NE. The trade was easy to arrange, the bottles were well-packed and shipping was prompt. Excellent trade all around!
Jan 2016 bytemesis If "great trader" was in the RateBeer Lexicon, the picture would be Matt. His last box to me was unfortunately diverted by FedEx. Although it was totally their fault and I assured Matt that all was well, he insisted on sending a replacement. Well, the replacement may have been better than the original! Matt - call me any time you want to deal. My cellar is your cellar.
Oct 2015 rich182 Matt sent a bunch of goodies to a Fedex centre for me to pick up when I arrived in the states. They were packaged very well and arrived safely, shipped well before I sent the return package. It was a great box of beers I would never have otherwise got to try. Great communication and a nice guy too. Cheers
Aug 2015 bytemesis Matt is a warrior. New kid and all he managed to fill a 12-bottle styro with goodness and send it my way without even worrying about what might come back. Needless to say, his supreme generosity will be rewarded. Thanks man!
Jul 2015 MrChopin This generous dude keeps hooking me up.. NE releases packed expertly in shippers. Delivered well in advance of when he’s getting a return box. Matt kicks ass!
Jul 2015 bytemesis Yep, ho hum. Another day, another INCREDIBLE BOX FILLED WITH EAST COAST GOODNESS!!! So glad to have Matt as a regular. Could not ask for more.

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