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Dec 2013 madvike In person with Tooch at MrPickles’ Black Friday Tasting. Took a ton of awesome beer off his hands as he was trying to liquidate his cellar. He also generously brought a ton of awesome beer to the tasting. Thanks Adam!
Nov 2013 MaxxDaddy I won Adam’s free beer contest to celebrate his trading retirement. Aside from the beers, I also got some sweet treats and an excellent Off Color pin. Enjoy not sending boxes all over the place. Thanks a bunch!
Oct 2013 bytemesis Adam continues to wow and amaze. We have quite a thing going here. This time I opened a 6 bottle styro with 5 beers off my wants list and one that should have been. I need to fill my return box so the cycle will start again! :)
Oct 2013 markwise Adam killed it with an awesome New Glarus box this week. Cheers, Adam!
Sep 2013 LtDan Great, fast trade. Well packed, perfect communication.
Aug 2013 bytemesis Just got another great box from Adam! Glad to have such an awesome trading partner in the midwest!
Aug 2013 jcvanderbilt Adam and I did a small trade. Excellent communication and great packaging. Threw in some extras as well. Highly recommend. Thanks!
Jul 2013 bytemesis Trade number three as good as previous; I think we are working out a regular swap here, and I am happy about it! Adam is a great guy to work with.
Jul 2013 AdamChandler Adam and I worked out possibly our 10th or so trade in the last 12 months. Always well packed, always professional and a very stand up guy.
Jun 2013 Homer321 I responded to a FT post, but only interested in part of it. Adam and I were able to work a deal for part of the trade. Super easy guy to work with and overall great guy.

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