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Jun 2015 tom10101 Sammy does it again, 3 great Bellwoods bottles just landed! Thanks again!
May 2015 tom10101 Another fun trade with Sammy for some Ontario’s best including some really nice goodies from Bellwoods! Thanks Sir!
Nov 2014 jtclockwork Great IP trade with Sammy for some great looking Bellwoods and my 10th Sahti tick finally getting me to 10 rates in each Ratebeer beer style! Thanks!
Nov 2014 tom10101 I can’t remember how many trades I made with Sammy, but that’s a lot! Again, Sammy sent me some Bellwoods beauties as well as super fresh Fiddlehead Mastermind and a few other really nice beers. Thanks!
Sep 2014 StefanSD First rate trade with Sammy, Great packing, great communication and great beers. Whats not to like here? Thanks Sammy, its always a pleasure to trade with you.
Aug 2014 tom10101 Another nice trade with Sammy for some Bellwoods! I can’t even remember how much boxes we have sent to each other already, but if we aren’t at 10 yet, we are pretty close. Thanks and cheers!
Jun 2014 tom10101 Another easy going trade with Sammy for a ton of Bellwoods and some other nice Ontario beers! The next trade is already in the works. Thanks!
Jun 2014 Beerenberger Sammy has out done himself on this last trade! I received 9 great beers all extremely well packaged. If you get the privilege to trade with Sammy, please take advantage of the opportunity - you wil lfind it as rewarding as I have. Thanks Sammey. Your friend, Beerenberger.
Mar 2014 JMBSH Been trading with Sammy for a number of years. Great communication and he sends some really cool beers from Canada. Can’t recommend him high enough.
Jan 2014 StefanSD In person trade with Sammy at Hamiltons pub in San Diego. He left me a great selection of Canadian locals. Thanks a million, you rock.

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