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Feb 2017 haukur IP trade in Reykjavik. Traded a whole lot of Borg specials and seasonals that came out this winter Ed brought loads of TG hops and unbelievable rarities. BLOWN AWAY with his generosity
Apr 2015 Gription79 Another great trade with Ed. As always he sent a fantastic box of beer. Thanks Ed.
Dec 2013 Gription79 Ed is a great trader, very easy to work with. Thanks for the great beers.
Oct 2013 Ernesto987 Killed a very awesome and easy trade, Toppling Goliath variety pack for Hill farmstead pack. Humbled by ridiculous extras. Thank so much!
May 2013 douglas88 Ed sends a sixer of Expy just because he’s an awesome guy! Thanks man.
Apr 2013 burg326 What can I say that I havent said already? By far (in my opinion) the best iowa trader out there. He sent 2 growlers and some other nice 22 ounce bottles. Ed is the man, always willing to trade with him.
Jan 2013 mcberko An awesome trade with Ed, involving some Dark Lord and a local IIPA for a Darkness, BB4D and local IPA. Ed super generously bonuses some great New Glarus bottles I hadn’t tried. Great communication, bomb-proof packaging and speedy shipping. Thanks a lot, Ed!
Dec 2012 ineedbeer Another great trade with Ed. Blown away once again by his generosity
Jun 2012 Gription79 Trading with Ed was very easy. He sent a styro of great beer and has great communication. Would trade with Ed anytime. Thanks man!
Apr 2012 ineedbeer Ed is an amazingly great trader - fast and a good communication. Beware though, you think you have worked out extras with him and he sends you even more extras. I too find myself indebted to him.

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