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May 2008 rusty Matt sent me 2 bottles of dark lord 08 for me since I was not lucky enough to attend DLD. He also also added bonuses of New Glarus Raspberry Tart and Belgian Red. The packaging was top notch.. a Styro double boxed inside of another bigger box. Thanks a lot Matt, you rock! Send this guy free beer!
Dec 2007 Firemoose15 Matt returned my favor to him exponentially. I recieved a Big Eddy, NG Smoke on the Porter, 2 home brew, Tyranena Hop Whore and Stickin it to the Man. Thanks Matt for the return our Yeha was glad for the brews.
Nov 2007 thebaldwizard Matt hooked me up with a New Glarus Dancing man wheat and a very VIP, super secret bottle as well. Thanks Matt!
Oct 2007 after4ever Mr. Matt Dick totally hooked me up with a DL07 and a GI Icarus--we have so many trades going that I am not totally convinced he even owes me these beers, but he is still nice enough to insist on sending them. Thanks, man--they’ve found a good home, and I appreciate the hell out of ya for sending them! :-)
Oct 2007 SoLan Matt sent me a couple cans of Blatz for my 1000th rating. Also threw in NG Bourbon BBL Bock, Sprecher IIPA and Strawberry Wheat, and a bottle of homebrew IPA. Thanks!
Sep 2007 after4ever Wow! Facto really outdid himself with this amazing tour de Wisconsin: NG Blonde, Uff Da, RT (!!!!), Fat Squirrel, Yokel, Dancing Man, and Bourbon Barrel Bock, an Expo (!!!!), a Third Coast, a Blatz, a Fantabulous Resplendence, and a homebrewed IPA! Rock! Thanks, Matt. Awesome box of beer.
Mar 2007 brentfeesh In addition to Matt’s generous hospitality while I was in Wisconsin, he also agreed to pack and ship me a number of beers I purchased while in Milwaukee. The packing job was most impressive and everything arrived in perfect condition. Three Cheers for Matt!!!
May 2006 zathrus13 Matt sent me almost impossible to get BA Dark Lord that he hand bottled. Very well packed. Thanks Matt!! Addition, 6/20/06: Matt later sent a second box of nice brews to complete this trade. Rabbid Rabbit, Expedition Stout, Avery Samaels and 3 or 4 others brews i hadn’t tried.
May 2006 SpringsLicker Matt braved the flak field to hand bottle and deliver a BA Dark Lord AND he threw in a Bell’s Batch 7000 as a bonus. A great trader and great guy to know! Thanks again!
Dec 2005 Pailhead Matt hooked me up with 8 Central Waters Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stouts. As extras he included Lakefront Holiday Spice Lager Beer and Riverwest Stein. Excellent trade. Thanks a ton!

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